By Tejuoso Olamide


My lofely people, Happy new week o – I wish you the same. I trust your day has been fun. Some days ago, I came in contact with an old friend. This friend looked so old that I almost knelt for her. As we shatted, I just ask her if eferythin was good and she replied *see ehn, I’m tired of eferythingjare*… Now, at that moment, I started advising her make she go do insor-ance- please be insored o… you’re asking how abi? oya, come, let’s go…


Ehh, you see someone drifingprifate car and you don’t even haf a common Keke, my dear life is easy, just take a selfie!Shey you be chairholderwey no even get a Fehicle…ahh, you’re even lucky you get chair…abeg, ztake a selfie!Prably your friends dey throw party for birthdays and you no kuku get ordinary akara to fry for your roommates, jor, gba-gbe and – take a selfie!


Oga, shey you just recofer from sick bed and you dey complain your mates haf gone far…hmm, you’d betta be grateful you’re not in the same poshision- oya, take a selfie jor!Seferal times, you con broke like brooklyn despite all your sarfices, better be hopeful and take a selfie!Sister, abi you’re phoneless like me and your refenue for allowance dey decrease efery month, Ore, grab a phone and – take a selfie!You, aunty, you think sey you are not beautiful enouf and you no fit for happening show, my dear, betta falue your good sef and take a selfie!


Uncle Fress bobo, sey you think you sey you are fery dark like one indifidual like that, come lemme be your monager; just look up and take a selfie!One yeye boy con throw tiree(three) break-ups at you and now you dey cry like mumu- uhh, make you stand up jere; wipe your face and take a correct selfie! Bros sifulsarfant, you are indeed tired of this tasation period, you’re even infolfed in many co-operatives, you now wan commit suicide for one bridge- uhh, come jare and let’s take a selfie!


Sista, one boy sheat on you and even frustrate ya life so much or a sharp gehl don chop your money finsih and effentually, hin yarn capital NO, mtcheww…there are berra things to think of jare…just smile or pout and let’s take a selfie!

Shey you be student or a student-student for UI here, abegi, make you no allow this school’s whala get to you o, just calm down, go chop #ewa_aganyiand bread wey make sense for SUB joint, then top it with a sweating yellow Fanta bottle and take a selfie! Don’t worry, your name is already in the book of life!


Mr. faculty president sah, I know you can be fery busy at times and you don’t haf time to read your books. Mai dear, remember, mummy is expecting a first class wen you graduate o..but all the same, as you hussle-struggle go, don’t forget have fun with friends and just take a selfie!


Nobody, I mean nothing sef has the right to take your happiness away from you. Don’t let situations or circumstances get to you and make your emotions go astray.Being moody or shunning others will not increase your CGPA or number of units passed.My dear, Erosion is real, Tsunami is a reality – diligence is what pays after all.


See ehn, I know there are so many things you like, but remember you cannot do everything. Your admission is your value- your visa for that matter; on this campus, once lost, it may never be retrieved even with a thousand and one pleas.Maybe you wish you had more or you wish you did more , and not satisfied with your current life circumstances (especially with the release of book of life) or maybe you’ve lost love or respect – perhaps, you don’t even have one, whatever it may be, remember that you hold the key to your happiness. Simply, get started with your studies, then apply wisdom as you engage in what you love doing and ensure your joy is at its peak.


Do not overdo anything – balance is very important. You can’t be all perfect; you alone can live your life and nobody else. Remember the popular GES quote to – Read well, Eat well, Sleep well and Feed well. Take action and increase your own happiness – it is called “Self Love”. In all circumstances, do not compare yourself to anyone – because no one can be you.


Stay happy always! See you soon…

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