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Aiming, boasting and promising to become even more than a billionaire, is something quite ubiquitous, most especially among the young Nigerians of this millennium. However, very saddening it is, that not up to a quarter percentages of them work towards their conceived plan of getting rich. In fact, those that work towards it among them, either do it myopically by focusing it all on academic qualifications and achievements, or not, do it dreadfully by involving in all sorts of illegal business and transaction that are of negative implications to themselves and the society at large. But, in substitution for these, agribusiness corner has brought forth, an evergreen and lucrative business of broilers’ production, which makes richness easier and even faster within a short period of time, you could ever imagine.


Broilers are poultry birds raised purposely for production of meat because of their ability to convert feeds to meat. Their meat however contributes intensively to the provision of animal protein which is a necessary requirement for a complete nutrition of human beings. Broilers are also known to be faster in term of growth and they take only 6 to 8weeks to reach the table size and get ready for market, thus, making the pocket of farmers ready for consistent smiling, emanating from the hidden reason of getting cool cash.

Broilers however are gotten from a group of birds known as breeders, which are also gotten from another group of birds known as parent stock, and parent stock is also gotten from another group called the grand parent stock, which is the basis for the todays commercial broilers. The Broilers thus have breed which is regionally vary, and the common breeds found here in Nigeria are Ross 308, Marshal R strain, Albor acre and so on.
Also, very crucial to note is that Broilers are mostly use in the production of frozen chickens because of their soft tender meat, pliably smooth-textured skin and flexible breast bone and cartilage. And in raising broilers from day old, being an expert is basically not required at all.


Broilers are capable of enriching farmers within a short period of 6weeks, but only a little number of people acknowledge this. Aside from the fact that it requires a little technical know how, such that a teacher, a student, an educated or uneducated can do it successfully without any record of failure, it also takes almost no time of whoever wishes to engage in it. It is of no season, and has a ready made market, all someone needs to do is to acquaint himself with accurate information about the market, of which agribusiness corner will surely provide. Broilers also has Low probability of lost, it is capable of surviving anywhere, and can easily be started at a small scale level of backyard farming.


Starting from the scratch, hatchery is the first place to locate, a place where eggs are being hatched into chicks. So, farmer has to look for a reputable hatchery that does vaccinate their chicks against any probable hatchery diseases and buy his chick therein. And reputable hatcheries are many here Nigeria, but however, Agribusiness corner can also be contacted for more information.

Moreover, after the farmer has located a reputable hatchery to buy his chicks, a good preparation of the brooding pen(the place to stock the birds, which could be a constructed poultry pen or even a backyard or uncompleted building) must be done. The place must be well swept, disinfected with several effective disinfectants to free the place from pathogenic organisms, in at least three days before the arrival of the chicks. Then, a good sawdust must be spread across everywhere inside the brooding pen, basically to help the chicks in effecting easy movement. Water troughs and feeders must be well cleaned. After which a warm environment is artificially created by either using coal pot, gas, or electric bulb that are capable of generating heat for a day old chick. But, the heat must be determined by the weather condition. And it must be reduced on daily basis, until they have their feathers well spread over them, before they could be freed from the daily heating. Immediately their feathers are well grown, enough ventilation is also needed for the survival of the birds.


Broilers’ life depends solely on feeds, and the higher the quality of feed a farmer gives the birds, the higher the weight of the birds he gets, and it is vice versa. Also, drinking of water is very much crucial in the production of broilers, because broilers consume a lot of feeds and thus, they need a lot of water invariably. Moreover, the feed given to broilers are basically in different sizes and components based on their age old, but this will be dealt with in the next week subsequent edition of this column. But, worthy of note is that the water to be given to broilers are to be treated to ensure the water is free from micro organisms. The cost analysis and how to come about becoming a millionaire with broilers production will be extensively treated in the subsequent edition of the column next week.


Getting rich has become a goal set by almost every young Nigerians nowadays, to the extent that they have turned it to a song. Today, they even sing “Emina fegun Range ooo, Dangote kolorimeji… Nah beg I dey beg ooo ” meaning (I also want to ride motor (range rover) Dangote is a human being like me..) but they refuse to work in a bid to achieve their bigger dream. But, our audience should simply relax as Agribusiness corner bring to their doorstep next week, the continuation of the column, basically on the feed breakdown of broilers, drugs and vaccination programs, and the analysis of selling them to make your real million Naira possible. Coming to your doorstep us next week…

Agribusiness corner team is a group of agricultural students from within the fold of University of Ibadan, headed by a young Farmer(Bello Abdulrahmon).

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