By Seyi Adedokun

“From deep within, our spirits are calling for a new and greater wholeness, global healing and global opportunity- the voice is ours, the time is now, and the resources are what we have.” – Laura Teresa Marquez


Overtime, we have discussed the need for separate representation based on locality and the division of labor, but with due disrespect, the Nigerian government has been found wanting and hyper-decisive of power, tending the sheep of right thinking into the forest where predators of ideas dwell. At times, we do think that the “Not-too-young-to-run” people would be the cross bearer and honest workers of this simple but reluctant work, but if they do have such representative, it is obvious with this mouth-shut and silence from their side, that their flame of representation towards to citizens will fade soon and become their own representative.

To face the fact of it all, the answer to the global question may not be answered because the question about global problem and success may be like a basket. What can the question look like? It is about global warming? Or global security? Or global power? Is it about the sycophant in the global government? The questions revolve round safety and management of humanity and natural resources. If a question is well asked, then it should be well answered.

One of a global question is about power. In Nigeria, offices have been misused and jammed with one another. Nigerian student leadership will either call it team work or executive responsibility. They tend to change every official definition to what suits them, neglecting the role of labor division. Also, the absence of peace makes a city uneasy to live for two leaders and this has posed negative response on the immune trait of individual who had fell in love with leadership.

Another question can be about security which will delved and reside in this citadel as a discourse. Obviously, security is meant for the every as it looks, but at the end, the common man may be employed to secure the gate of the big men. The question of having two forms of security comes to mind; if not to give someone a life to define, why should there be a security man at a house that has been gated with hard sheets?

Year in-an- out, families of soldiers cry mourn. In Nigeria, the government only does little to save guard the security men. Just like asking who will judge the judge, who will protect the soldiers too? Every other thing in Nigeria has now become a political line-up which can be toyed with, even the lives of dying men in sick bed. The media has posed no protection as investigative analysis also take to the toes of lies and paints terrorized killing as “just” in a township. Everyone in his home, who is a security man of himself, has now been plagued with danger of staying out at night. In a style, it has become a self colonization into mass burning of life wishes coupled with negligence of the armored and licensed officers of the state. The question borders on why is security made for elites alone. Of course, the poor citizens pay for it.
The issue of security on campus has also led the officials to think the topical men of the suspended union are the first suspect of the bad lucks, and over the months, it has been apparent that those in uniform are only like decorated flowers that will waste before the night of a wedding. An atrocity which was committed around black market where about fifteen laptops were carted away is easily questionable. A year ago, when the threat of bombing the institution by the international terrorist group was hot, security men became the most vulnerable being to face the heavenly-or hell- errand of the blast. An unsecured security officer checking a car if it has a bomb in it with using any protective measure can be assumed to possess a charm in his pocket or to have eaten enough concoction that will neutralize the hit of the compounded elements.

But it also baffle the soul and spirit of an unreasonable man of how such number of gadgets can be carried across the bridge of university of Ibadan gate. If there is charm to detect and detonate a bomb, at least, that is too much to catch such theft action. With this analysis, it is either thieves have been employed to be the fence or they have been blinded with a super power or they are negligent of their duties. The school management has also decided to look this away as it continues. Such resemblance was reported along Saint Annes in the wake of first semester, it was also reported at Awo hall about a theft action which even involved the use of ammunition and damage of the wall. And it was a moment of annoying laughter when the security woman who appeared to be a joker attested that she saw them, but they were with weapons.

Analytically, it can be concluded that the security officers of University of Ibadan are yet to get sound training and understanding since the death of Kunle Adepeju. His death in 1971 led to the disuse of weapons by security officers on campus. It is now expected that these modern men should have good knowledge rather than hunting for students to export out of the school premises. An added danger to security asks a question of why “pot-bellied” men bombard security offices. Since the suspension of the students’ union, the security unit is supposed to be on its toes to make sure everywhere has a print of safety. This is not a question of who will save this ones, the question depends on where they protect. Here in the university, it is safe enough for these men to save others.

What answer do we need to give food security? The global question has been directed to institutional realm. It appears that everyone is a mediocre when it comes to food security. A man who tries enough to protect himself has not done enough to do so until he protects his neighbor. Today, several diseases have been discovered which can be transmitted. An eye for an eye, so shall everyone see the danger ahead. Cafeterias should be warned of how foods are served and opened to welcome the hymns of flies which have carried some pastes in their wings.

The answer to global question cannot be answered on or in books. As pragmatic as it should be, every step taken should be to help a global answer into its fulfillment. The answer to global question is not a show of muscular punch lines and derisory effort to do what has been said. Speeches are good, but to stitch every word together and put them on the table of establishment will also force decision to brainstorm and work for its freedom. As the first question about global problem points at you, so the answer also point at you. For every question asked, readiness is a factor to a sensible reply.

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