After service on Sunday, I was feeling dizzy and had to lean on a wall for support to prevent me from falling, I was tired, not strength to move my legs. Chai! These people have gotten me, I thought, enemies from my papa’s village, my mother’s village is innocent because you should have an idea of what I mean. I targeted my father’s village and started praying with the little strength I had left.

Surprisingly, I made it to my hall (the one at the far extreme of the university), how I got there safely is story for another day. I will gist you later, that is not the bone of contention here or how I attacked the innocent people in my father’s village and prayed they die by fire. It was due to ignorance and I will not want anyone to fall victim.

Lesson 1: That was an episode of hypoglycemia; no one anywhere shot an arrow

Naively, I thought it was a spiritual attack but it was a physical one more of biologically, an attack on my body cells caused by me; let me break it down, cells use ATP (Adenosine Trio phosphate) as energy currency, every transaction is carried out through this currency, how is it gotten? From glucose and glucose is gotten from the food we eat particularly carbohydrates. After the breakdown of carbohydrate there is glucose, so not feeding is a factor that can cause this episode except in case of diabetics.

Lesson 2: Body can go “broke”

Having established that cells have a currency that is spent, body cells can go broke if they do not get glucose, there are some signs one will experience during this period of “brokenness”, the symptoms include tiredness, feeling dizzy, “feeling weak from within”.

Lesson 3: A bottle of Coke or any fizzy drink comes in handy

Coca Cola Company is not paying me for this but it is for the good of all, a bottle of coke or any carbonated drink will do the job of providing the cell with instant glucose and there is no need for the long process of breaking down carbohydrates, in case of emergency, give a bottle of coke instead of a can of milk. A good meal rich in carbohydrates can be given later.

Lesson 4: Eat well

If you are a student in this institution, academics should be the main goal, primary goal and to function effectively, good food is essential, this is not the time to start dieting or setting “perfect figure goals”. Watching one’s weight is good as it helps curb obesity but do not go to the extreme. However, weight lost through starvation will be quickly regained.

Before you start blaming people in your village for some things, think well.

By Damilola Otun

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