Sigma Club, a social and philanthropic students’ organization, which was established in mid-March 1950, is the oldest of such organizations in sub Saharan Africa. Many have misinterpreted and misjudged their activities to be synonymous to an occult. But till today, Sigma Club’s membership structure which is premised on good character, discipline and integrity proves the misconceptions otherwise.
As part of its philanthropic activities, the club runs an educational foundation which many indigent students have been beneficiaries. Others include the zebra crossing painted across designated places in the University campus, donations to the Universitys health clinic, the Sigma Tertiary Institutions Essay Competition which rewards intellectual prowess and many more.

The clubs official colours; purple and gold also reiterate the club’s motto and what its members stand for. The purple symbolizes ‘Loyalty’ while the gold represents ‘Purity’. To this end, Sigmites are known to stand for all that is pure, refined and befitting of a complete gentleman.

Another significant thing to talk about is the sigma tie. The material is embroidered in the clubs official purple colour as well as gold coloured designs forming a pattern on it. The Sigma tie, as described by Loyalist Yusuf Waheed, the Sigma Financial Scribe, is like the head in a body. Losing the tie is synonymous to losing the head.

Each year, hundreds of applications for membership are received by the club. This is due to the high level esteem and prestige placed on being a loyalist by the society. The likes of Professor Isacc Adewole who is currently Nigeria’s minister for Health, Dr Adesola Adeduntan, Managing Director/CEO First Bank PLC, Prince Deji Hastrup, former Public Affairs Manager, Chevron Nigeria, and many other high profiled Nigerians who are members of the club gives it the perfect public relations for anyone and everyone to crave a membership status.

In a press conference held at Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall’s Senior Common Room, the Sigma Chief stated that Sigma Club is a grooming ground. He made mention of how he came in as a novice and what Sigma Club has helped built in him till the present moment. He also warned that the club’s membership does not guarantee freedom from hardship as there are misconstrued conceptions that many join for the sake of financial gain.

The club has been known to strictly accept male students into its membership base which has been criticised over time, especially now that the world takes gender equality seriously. In defense to the criticism, Chief Scribe of the club, Loyalist Adesope ‘Femi disclosed that it had been an age long tradition traceable to the founding fathers. Hence, the need to follow the laid down traditions which was not borne out of being gender biased.

Officially, the club announced the commencement of its admission process for interested applicants into the club. While answering to the question of how the process will be, Loyalist Adesope ‘Femi stated that those interested are required to submit a hand written application letter. Each letter is screened to ascertain if truly it was written by the applicants. A survey is also carried out to ascertain if the content in the application tallies with the person’s individual personality.

The next stage of the process, as made known by the Scribe, is to call on successful applicants to an interview session. This stage was revealed to be in two phases on the same day; the written interview and the oral interview. The applicants knowledge is said to be tested through general questions and some aptitude tests. These processes, as said by the Chief Scribe, will be done in a matter of two weeks.

There is however some clauses attached to membership application. Those in their penultimate year have slimmer chances of being accepted. Those also found wanting in character, discipline an are screened out even if it happens to be a member. ‘Sigots is the term used to refer to those members who are screened out. “As a matter of fact, only the Sigma Chief is unscreenable”, Loyalist Adesope ‘Femi added.

Sticking with tradition and the motto; for all that is pure’, it was thus emphasized by the Sigma Chief that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a non-sigma material to pass through the Sigma Club successfully. The club has also announced that they are presently working on a laudable project.

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