By: Farmer

Some couple of months the ink remained covered
Order from the above it must not utter
“Dear not write but examine very tight,”
Parboil the seeds and ignore their feet
Aftermath of this, here is what I see

A skeptical Nigeria with a messiah,
Toiling to drive and move it higher
But his people are making him tire
Simply because of their selfish desire,
Innovative diversion is all what they hire,
To canvass masses for their satire

People buy it and chew it like gum,
Restructuring now remains the drum,
absentmindedly about its form,
forgetting all causative agents or some,
who politically want it to establish their norm

Their definition of restructuring is local government autonomy,
Is not disputed but it has to be examined
Giving them autonomy won’t it be alarming?
Decentralization of power is among the calling
It’s critical per say, but isn’t a catalyst for more suffering?

Education is there, no call to restructure,
Economy stands fragile, they don’t call to restructure,
Security is illusory, we don’t hear to restructure,
They dare want to claim altogether will be restructured
But Nay, from their dressing we could know their culture

Nigerians just have to awake,
and stop following their way,
The sun is shining, it is the right time to make hay
Examine them with all what they say
And beware of religious leaders who await a day,
When destruction will come and they will sharply fly away
after instigating the dismay.

May God refuse!

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