When the going gets tougher, the tougher gets going, but what about the weak that are learning to be tough. They will be more discouraged that in this silly world, where market is not easily established, it is not necessary to be tough. Just as sarcasm has its special place, meekness has its place too. Before the strike uproar, students have experienced series of internal strike which have dismantled the academic calendar. The Vice chancellor has also expressed plaintively his conern the compulsory ordeal which has befell students. But it seems the weak are getting weaker.

Strike action has its positive effect on both sides of the academia, but the negative side effects is more than stomach ache. The haemorrhagic display of this “same strategy” is almost turning to a cultural display in the history of Nigerian government paid Universities which has earned them nothing or too little monetary reward that only caters for less of the infrastructural agenda. Nevertheless, it is good to know that both academia, the government and its parastatal has lost the definitive properties of strike action. It is evident when students decide to display a protest and the authorities get their right sacked and their unity bagged in a worthless closet.

For 104 days, the commander in chief of the armed force of Nigeria was away, jollifying on sick bed. At the same end, Nigerians are not wise enough than to ask for the presence and evidence that the President was not dead. This opened an opportunity for the Governors to turn Mr. Buhari to some sculptured elements in the museum. He was turned to a newly laid statue at the beautiful gate of Abuja house, London. In the cognitive aspect of consciousness of some individuals, they might think he has gone to take the break he was supposed to have when he won the election in 2015. This is not the bone of contention. If the nation has had a very worst vice president, the absence of our sick leader might be felt at every corner. Obviously, people are high-minded about what his command will be in the next few days about ASUU strike.

Referencing Adolf Hitler’s view about the National-socialist trade- union, he pointed that “the worker’s strike is not a way to destroy or undermine national production, but instead serves to increase and improve it by fighting all those anti-social imperfections which interfere with economic productivity and harm the existence of the people as a whole”. An adage states that, “If two Elephants are involved in a fight, the grass will suffer the greatest torture ”. This quoted text from Hitler obviously shows that the academic staffs are not been foul about their agitations, but in a way are pathetic about the future of education. Professor Eghkahare pointed how wasteful the academic union is itself. The complaint that lesser amount has been disbursed into researches so far has to be checked for the sake of fault balancing.

In the University of Ibadan, there has been so much putrefaction in the governing system. It is inebriety when such income for educative  programmes are used to purchase luxurious and extravagant properties. The exposure of misappropriation and embezzlement in the system has gotten no conclusion but has been assumed to be swept under the thick carpet. Here, Academic Staff Union of Universities, University of Ibadan chapter finds it worthy to have such egregious support for indefinite strike. While the strike action is not to undermine production, production of quality education has regressed by this same action. It is noteworthy that since the past years, when this unwanted anniversary started, nothing has improved and has caused a lot of tantrums from the public. This has also turned the institution to a place of conventional marketing instead of driving it motto to its destination.

Karamchand Gandhi was referred to as a king maker by his son, Mahatma Gandhi. It took him years to know that his father was not just an adviser to  government personnel. This was not gained through continuous strike action and sort of indefinite vacation of students. Nowadays, both students and administrators want their names embroidered on this cloth of unforgetfulness. This generation will remember the incessant actions of these intelligentsia without being considerate of their young ones.

It is unfortunate that the National Association of Nigerian Students( NANS) are incapable of handling even  weaker occurrences. With its hegemony in the political display and showy enigmatic traits, only 252 words was enough to regret this action. According to its press release on the 13th of August,2017, from the office of the Deputy Senate President condemning nationwide ASUU strike, Comrade Bashir Gorau was only dangling on a wheel to find his to please the Students’ minds. The accumulation of how NANS strikes issue is also a thorn on the back of students which make them to title them as group of toothless lion.

However, the federal government should create a river for our fishes to swim. Students should not be turned to the suffering grasses. There are countless side effect of strike action which might be obscured to the striking lecturers, whereas, the federal government does not care presumably.

Prostitution is a canonical factor that restructures  idleness. Many students are jobless and the only mode of survival when there is nothing to work upon is to shed the scales covering their nakedness and get paid for the loss of their pride. It is not common to a common man that this act is endemic among students. It makes innocent students to be part of this train thereby extending the trend.

Theft is also common, but at this point, it may extend to new born students who have decided ormthey back in school. Recently,a shop at  Nnamdi Azikiwe, Block C was pillaged, a shop in Independent Hall was burgled too and with time, the zoo may be stolen away from its location. This shows that the presence of students on campus and resumption of lectures are also security measure apart.


Campaign against abuse has gone viral. This is the future that must be protected, but more workers for such impure job may be available after so much pressure of want, fear (of poverty) and idleness climb on some individuals. Drug trafficking is not a good and new news. But since the universities have decided to put the compulsory assignment aside, then man must also find a means to survive.

In conclusion, the press has not gone weirdo to stand against the strike action of ASUU. The right of this Union for the sake of standardizing education must be met outstandingly. It has been observed that every four years has been a challenge to cities and towns has there is breakout of incessant tumor from students engagement. The best cage for students or the youths is education.

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