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by Ogwiji Ehi-Kowochio

The singing stone
hummed a familiar tune
so much, it deserved a bravo
from Davido
for doing such a cold cover
of his hot hits ‘No do gragra for me’

We were dancing away to the rhythm-less tune
until the sharp notes of the singing stone
deflated the wheels of our moving session
And mischievously grinned
as we slide down a hill of days
till we hit the heel of the hill,
where we got painful dislocated weeks
and sadly had to amputate a month

But time was fair enough to leave us
with an un-tampered mouth
and lips from which oro aye leaps
because dumbness is the only reason
why an oppressor can smear ororo
on the lips of another man
and tell the servers at a party
‘o ti jeun, e ma fun’je’

Eyin te mi,
these verses I send you are wrapped
With the fresh leaves of warm welcomes
May the gods show us how to dance
to subsequent tunes from our
wannabe music stone
Hell no- I meant music star

ororo- groundnut oil
o ti jeun, e ma fun’je- he has eaten don’t give him food

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