Open letter to the VC


By – Raymond

Open letter to the VC

Dear Professor Olayinka, I think it is necessary  that it be brought to mind that the mission of the school is: *”To expand the frontiers of knowledge through provision of excellent conditions for learning and research”*, while the vision is: *”To be a world-class institution for academic excellence geared towards meeting societal needs”*.

It is also necessary that I ask- ‘Since the commencement of your tenure as Vice-Chancellor, have you been working towards the actualization of this *mission and vision* ? Even if you answer in the affirmative, I choose to vehemently say “No!”. No, because of your unfriendly attitude towards  those under your governance -the staff (both the teaching and non-teaching) and the students.

 Since you assumed office, every academic session “stands a chance of winning at least a 2-week long strike”. The school, under your authority has joined the league of perpetual strikers. University of Ibadan was known to be the first and the best since 1948; first and the best in the sense that students had rights to so many things in which you were a beneficiary of, being an alumni of the university. Sadly, the reverse has been the case since the commencement of your tenure as the Vice-Chancellor of your Alma mater.

The welfare of the students is being jeopardized. The University of Ibadan has  metamorphosed from the form of government we practise in Nigeria i.e the civilian form of government (democratic) into Military form of government (autocratic) under your jurisdiction. You hardly listen to the cries of the students which is a characteristic of an authoritarian.

The fundamental human rights of the dear Nigerian students in the University of Ibadan have been neglected. Students can no longer protest against wrongdoing in the school else they receive an invitation letter from the most feared body in the school – SDC (Students Disciplinary Committee)

Biblically,’ the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom’, however,in UI, ‘the fear of the SDC is the beginning of a peaceful graduation’.

A good scenario I would bring to remembrance is the suspension of a young man, whose time had been wasted by the SDC-Mote despite the fact that his colleagues protested for his ‘freedom’.

Do you want the school to build people who would make no impact in the society? When do you want to put a stop to the unjust prolongation of students’ stay on campus? How can students who cannot enjoy a hitch-free session be well equipped for the future?

Dr. Denis Waitley, a psychologist, pointed out that each human being has exactly the same number of seconds, minutes and hours each day. Rich people cannot buy more hours. Scientists cannot invent more hours. This underscores the fact that time is precious. Therefore, Mr. Vice-Chancellor sir, do not waste this precious unrenewable resource of students

Time is the coin of our lives, we must spend it judiciously.

A 4-year course should not be transformed into a 5-year course due to unnecessary closure of the school.

I recommend that you engage in dialogues with the students through their leaders whenever they agitate for anything. Always identify with their pains.

 Finally, as regards the indefinite suspension of the Students’ Union, Mr. Vice-Chancellor sir, one of the reasons for the establishment of the Union is to serve as an intermediary (messenger) between the school management and the Students (especially the undergraduates).

Now that the union has been suspended, through whom will information be passed to students especially considering the fact that even while Students’ Union was present, we were still not well carried along?

The Union, which serves as a link should not be cut off as a follow-up to a peaceful protest. Kindly reconsider this rash step.

We do hope that the rest of your tenure will be hitch-free.

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