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The cause of gradual evacuation of the upcoming society intellectuals in this nation of ours can only be traced to the bunch of aged high-degree qualification holders, who, as a matter of fact, have contributed nothing significant to the  alleviation of the acrimonious challenges combating the society at large, despite their academic prodigiousness. Rather, they also by themselves dance to the tune of several non-developmental and disastrous actions that have eroded reality and normality in the society, and as such, whenever they get involved in such corrupt action, they use their solely academic intellects to cover up. Sadly, they look out for ways to victimise  whoever sees their unjust action and wants to uncover their cover ups intellectually.

The analogy above was exactly what occurred in the University of Ibadan some days ago. The members of the  university management have seen themselves as almighty dictators  who have the final say. We, the younger ones, have no intellect at all to contribute, all because of our lower academic qualifications as compared to theirs. As a result of this, they exploit us, they deny us of our rights and also victimize us to prevent us from talking. If we try to talk,  we get ejected out of the university, the University, which was not built by anyone’s forefathers.

For fear of this and many more, many students have been turned to intellectual imbeciles on campus who can’t respond to any burning issue that affects them directly or indirectly. The management has subjected all students to unnecessary fear due to their threat of the notorious “SDC LETTER,” thus, no student is ready to bear out their minds on issues concerning them on  campus.

 In short, they are now the marvelous cabals, who wish to turn our generation to one with people who have no minds of their own.

However, it is very pertinent for this group of aged men to recognise the fact that we operate a democratic system of government in Nigeria, whereby, there is  freedom of expression. Rather than make the university a democratic one too, the members of the management have seen themselves as kings who command and control without anyone to checkmate.

 The crux of the matter is the late issuance of ID card in the University of Ibadan which  led to the postponement of undergraduate examination till July 17.

For everyone that followed the issue,  some questions will definitely pop up in their minds like:

 With all the features that the school management has claimed to intend to add to the new ID cards, why was the process not begun in the last completed session, despite the fact that students paid for it?

Why was there also no official release enumerating the reasons for the delay?

Why were subsequent charges suddenly increased without pre-informing the students on what caused the increment


Why was the last paid ID card  not issued at all?

All these and many more questions require answers from the management.

According to the Vice chancellor himself, it was until students said “No ID card, NO exam,” that he then called the students’ leaders and showed them that the project was just being awarded. One would then ask why was it just awarded despite the fact that students have paid twice?

Does this not raise a presumption of corruption or misappropriation of funds?

 On this basis, I implore EFCC and ICPC to look into this and checkmate the current administration in the University of Ibadan for accountability and posterity sake.

Furthermore,  it is very disgraceful and appalling that a professor(Vice chancellor), in a chat with Diamond FM said “…because if we had followed the due process, probably In another 3 months the ID card will not be ready, *if you like you can break your head against the wall,* I mean you still have to follow the law, ignorance of the law won’t be an excuse’

Oh, what a disappointment! It means invariably the professor has turned himself to the Military head of *UI* because this is definitely not a civil way to communicate to any group of people.

Furthermore, in a way to cover up their corrupt actions, having perceived the new students’ union administration as the one that is ready to expose their misconduct, they went ahead to suspend the activities of the union indefinitely based on a purported lie that the Union president indirectly insulted the office of the vice chancellor. Every reasonable man would ask how the President insulted that office. Is it by re-awakening the seeming dead handbook?

 This is nothing but a complete jeopardization of fundamental human right by the so called professors in power.

 It is of course obvious now that all they want to turn University of Ibadan to is the producer of solely academic “Gurus” who cant contribute any positive thing to the society other than dishing out the crammed theory in the class for students to also memorise. They also desire to kill the awareness in the mind of the political conscious and societal concerned students, who often think of generating way forward for Nigeria’s predicaments. What an aberration.

Finally, I implore the EFCC and ICPC chairpersons to direct the searchlight into the University of Ibadan and pick up the corrupt elements for sanitization.

 UI bread is low in quality!

 UI water is tasty!

Our poultry pens are dilapidated! Fish farm has no positive result! I also call on the Federal Government, human right activists and  media houses to see into this incessant victimization of students on campus.

I rest my case.

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