By: Owoyokun Dolapo

Evil: The Bane of our Institution

Few years back, when my friends were boasting of their admission into different private universities, I was proudly announcing my admission into the best federal university in Nigeria. Then, they told me mockingly, “whatever course you are studying in a federal university, add one year to the normal year of studying that course.” In my defence, I said “at least, I will be gaining a lot of experience than you.”

These statements that were jokingly made among with my friends now happen to be a prophecy of what is going on now in “the first and the best” institution in Nigeria. I am now one year behind my friends and the university is not disappointing me in terms of the experience I hoped to gain, though many are nothing to be proud of.

In my 5-semester-old stay in this school, I have been given different reasons to go back home and reflect on whether I made the right choice by attending this university. But then, circumstantial agents were persuasive speakers who kept convincing me to stay loyal to my admission into this school. While my friends were coming home for the semester break, I was busy playing my sorrow away in video games. All these evil ended and I was back for a new start, fervently hoping for a smooth session.

Well, I don’t know if my hope was not hopeful enough but one thing that is certain now is that I am back at home on a compulsory seven-weeks holiday which might even be prolonged. Questions, mockeries and even insults have been aimed at my school via innocent me by family, friends and “well-wishers”. There was no comprehensive and convincing answer I could give due to the usual custom of different versions to a story ravaging the school.

Now, having proper grasp of the facts of the case, all I can say is that I have found myself in the middle of a rebellion. There has been a breach of the provisions of the bible which says that fathers should not provoke their children to wrath. A party to this struggle has broken this commandment and the other party is just unknowingly fulfilling the consequences of such breach as provided by the bible. The bible calls it wrath of the children, but we call it Aluta Continua, Vitoria Ascerta.

The reasons for this rebellion do not need to be repeated as every stakeholder of the struggle and even outsiders know it all. I have witnessed the children being relegated by their father for years. Now the relegation has gotten to its boiling point and the container can’t take it anymore. But from the look of things, the father is not willing to relent as he continues using his upper hand to his advantage. Unfortunately for him, the children are relying on their numbers and unity to correct their father.

Mr. History keeps proclaiming that the children will eventually succumb to their father but Mr. Rebellion is saying that every day is for the thief but one day is for the owner. Now it is a clash of the two elephants of the jungle, and me, a grass amongst the vegetation in the jungle is feeling it. All I can hopefully say is, “that evil ended… so also may this.”

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