Gone with the TIMEs?


By: Adebayo Oluwadamilola

Gone with the TIMEs?

It is written in one of the holy books that “the glory of the latter shall be greater than the former”. This could be said to be realistic in several spheres but reverse is the case in our nation’s premier university, University of Ibadan, the first and supposedly the “best” in Nigeria. How bad it is to state that this Ivory tower which in every ideal sense is supposed to set the pace for other Gowns to follow, is now that which dwells in nothing but its past glory.

Come to think of it, all we have left are old buildings and structures with mostly outdated facilities and equipment. What is the latest invention or innovation from this “great” institution that is known for academic excellence? None!

A leader, they say, leads by example. But I ask, what example is being laid down for students of this “prestigious” University by our“Oga at the top”, alias the “Deflater of gragra”? Is it the practice of autocratic rule in a democratic regime? Use of military modus operandi in a civilized world? Oppression of innocent followers? Hindrance to the rights of students? Misuse of power? Deceits, lies, or what?

The question then is, how do we restore this old glory? Is it by raising dummies, who are expected to dogmatically follow the orders of an autocratic leader who is afraid to admit his mistakes as a result of ego, but only punishes his subjects for his misdeeds? Definitely not! It is by doing what is right at the right time through the right avenue and at the right place. It is by giving fair hearing to every party. It is by upholding the obvious in the constitution and handbook. It is by ensuring that students are not only informed after every decision has been made but are also given slots to be a part of every decision making body whose decisions would affect students directly or indirectly. Dear “Ogas at the top”, it is not by seeking ways to silence innocent minds who attempts to speak up against perceived injustice but by raising practical minds rather than theoretical dummies.

Students of this university are suffering and are expected to do so in silence. They rose and fought for their rights through a peaceful protest which led to a halt in academic activities. Is this fairness and justice? Oh no! It is not.

Therefore, since the ‘powers that be’ have decided to do nothing but stare blindly while the glory of this Ivory tower washes away, it is left to us, as students in which we are, to fight and not relent until this old glory is restored.

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