By: Farmer


You were known for academic excellence.

Because then, you fed up your clients,

As your products were the first and the best,

Sincerely, you weren’t at the end.

Behold, the old varsity.

Today, you have no quality,

Your antecedence has become vanity,

By those who actually hate unity,

Whom Victimization, to them is veracity


Behold, the old varsity.

Cry unto your God to evacuate them,

Those who want you condemned,

Those who rest at the helm,

Swinging their sword and  stand by to affirm.


Behold, the old varsity.

People see you as the best of all,

Without knowing the state of your halls,

Unknown to them, your lecture theatres beg for a call,

Although, we can’t take it anymore.


Behold, the old varsity,

Your directors only want us for academics,

And they create social epidemics,

Will you then be looking at their disastrous means?

Won’t you fight for Justice to prevail, without considering their ego and traits.


Food for thought to ponder over!


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