By Adedokun Seyi

The former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan is one of those that fall in this queue of action. Nowadays, what we say does not say who we are anymore. This can be identified in the actions of the former president during 2015 election. It was at the last moment that it looked like the President was becoming wiser when insurgency has dealt with the nook and cranny of Nigeria and Nigerians. Of the more comedy was his wife, Dame Patience Jonathan who could have been awarded the grammarian of the year. All this began one day, when these set of people were students, when they started deciding what would be of them in the future. Nothing do not just happen without been conceived.

Just like the story above, the Students’ Union President, Ojo Oluwanifemi is an example of the youthful days of pretentious leadership. Everyone knows what education has turned to, and everyone is also intrigued in the miraculous turnaround concerning the same. But his grief could not set him free until he called upon the press crew which involved AIT,TVC and NTA respectively to come and air his voice, so as to make it known to Nigerian government that youths are not silent.

It should be the concern of the masses about how deteriorated education has been. This is the only heritage we have. But since the leadership of today has been a boil on our faces and our leaders have turned deaf ears to our agitation, instead, victimizes students, kill the future off the future leaders and manoeuvre the destiny of promising ones, we have to cry out. It is known already that a husband does not shout out at the first wickedness of his wife. But this is more than a second torment which has also spread to student leadership.

Apparently, those involved in this leadership square are no more scared with such verdict against negligence and embezzlement, but have counted this has the students way of expressing pain of cheat and if possible, corruption. The disrespect that some cohort has for their official duties is now a thing to be embraced with excuses without paying a price of correction. Funny enough, the reinstatement of the Students Union President only birth invitation of the press crew and press release. And on the line of mood escape, he has expressed happiness to see some people contest so as to experience the brogan he is putting on.

Who is the government? Apart from the cabal of jingoism, everyone is a subset of this administration. The fallacious abundance is that everyone contributed to the downfall of unionism. This may be agreeable, but not provable. There is a reason for an executive body which has not performed its needed function but has kneaded away the practical unionism. Selfishness has preceded self-interest and individual have seen the game of unionism to be a single period play which can only benefit one person.

The Marcapolo bus still lie on a barren belly and has turned to an alternative to Kunle Adepeju’s statue. What is the President’s take about this? But the same first student has gone on the television to rant against what his personality has proven right. This is how it starts. Ize Iyamu, a gubernatorial candidate who was defeated by Obaseki in Edo state is also a byspel of derogatory personality who was a crime circus during his academic days in University of Benin. But his act played back on him at his contesting seat. If Nifemi still believes that it’s not late yet, he can be likened to those that will bring this pillar of solution down. Why? They are groups that whine but have no solution to proffer.

The pitiable state of Nigerian policy has become widespread also. Pity, sympathy, mercy are what political destroyers are after this days. Dino Melaye is one of the numerous. After been alleged of certificate forgery, tragedocomedy decided to take its shooting point at the senator’s country home, Kogi State. In a sorrier note, news has tabled the incident to us to make us to sympathise the loss. Lateness is optimum and it appears like we need nobody to lead us again- it has become an individual battle.

It has been proven that dogs are man’s best friend. We do not know about the side of specialization because the dangerous dogs are definitely not man’s best company. A resemblance of this lateness is the horn-to-horn of the minister of transportation and Rivers state governor. If sanity has lost between these two grown noble men and youth leaders, educated leaders are taking after them, it is nothing to doubt its unfortunate result. It is crystal clear that the building at Ikoyi is not a bank. Part of the rottenness is the boldness of these two leaders to publicly hang their oath of honour to fight their ways out into dishonour. Such has happened in this education era.

A king cannot solve the problem of his town if his house is in disorder. A shepherd whose house is fenceless is synonymous to a leader taking a walk. The knowledge of Ojo Oluwanifemi is questionable when he stated categorically that the University of Ibadan which he presides the union runs on #12,000,000 per month to the public. Tell it to the President about his wrong statistics- this is misinformation. A problem can be easily solved if the root is known. But the Nifemi’s digging is just as shallow as surface water. This is why the speaker of the Students’ Representative Council demanded for a reliable administration in the next election.

The commodity that we are is not a material product. We have been opportune to build ourselves in every capacity. It is the option of every living soul on campus to decide to build and be built or be marred. Development does not occur through education alone, but personal discipline is the most powerful edge that will make one an expensive and improved commodity. Process is the difference between a developing and a developed country. If the law of process is learned, our union will be led properly.

Before the 2015/2016 Students’ Union Election, just some days to citizen’s function performance, Mr. Ojo Oluwanifemi became a political zealot. People applauded him on how he resuscitated the Union Bank Automated Teller Machine. He was given a massive support for that single move he made to get the favour of the masses. But, today, the same machine has been driven away on a particular night but the President is found wanting at the lead position, thereby jollifying in the lag estate. Research on the effectiveness of nearness of the ATM explained that this is the beginning of the end of the Union. In the meantime, we only need the proof that the Union’s pillar will be rebuilt.  From an extraction of Pius Adesanmi’s Nigerian Presidency as major crime factor, the long search continues for the President who will discontinue the role of the University of Ibadan’s Presidency as a foster parent of crimes.

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