UISU Set to Convene Affective Action Committee Before Handing Over

Mustapha Kariola

In a meeting convened by the Acting President, Mr Osasona Oluwatosin of the University of Ibadan Students’ Union on Friday, at the SRC chamber; among several issues discussed, the Union is to set an Action Committee which is to be effective from today, Saturday.

According to Mr. Arogundade Toheeb, an ex-Speaker of the union’s legislative arm, such committee is constitutional, it only has to be constituted when necessary.

On who may be part of the committee, after a series of talks, it was decided that SU president, the Speaker of the legislative arm, all Faculty Presidents, all Hall Chairpersons, leaders of ideological organisations, leaders of social organisations, concerned Uites and representatives from the Union of Campus Journalists, UI. Upon further dialogues, the first two were expunged from the list.

The committee shall ensure that the University community adheres to the policies of the SU and to see to planning and executing programmes of the Union, including Kunle Adepeju’s memorial lecture.

This administration which seems to be bedevilled with lots of activities within few months of handing over is trying to do its best before the next election.

It should be recalled that in this concluding semester, some key officials in the Students’ Union were rocked with allegations that they were not able to defend which eventually led to their suspension. The officials include: the President, Vice President and the General Secretary.

There are indications also that the Action Committee will help to frustrate and suppress all move by the school authorities to increase either school or accommodation fees especially in the time of recession when it is difficult for parents to cater for their homes appropriately.

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