The Students’ Representatives Council of the University of Ibadan has resolved to set up a committee which will comprise of the Students’ Union President, Mr. Ojo Oluwanifemi, the Speaker of the SRC, Rt. Hon. Onifade Bello, the President of the Union of Campus Journalists, Mr. Oredola Ibrahim and few other members, who are to meet with the management of the University of Ibadan on the basis of consolidation.

The approval of the motion for the committee to be set up was granted by the Speaker, during the sitting of the Council on the 22nd of October, 2016.

Present at the sitting was the SU President, Mr OjoOluwanifemi, the President of the Union of campus Journalists, Mr Oredola Ibrahim, other Students’ Union executives, Faculty representatives among others, which could be ascribed to the agenda of the sitting, which was tagged, “Report on the State of the Union”.

The sitting wsrchich began at about 9:23 am unfold with an opening prayer which was taken by the Speaker Rt. Hon Onifade Bello, after which the minutes of the last sitting was read, got adopted and seconded by various honourables of the House.

The Student union president, Mr Ojo Nifemi before giving information to the Council on the state of the union, apologized for the absence of some of the executive members at the sitting. Key areas were mentioned, defining the achievements and challenges of the Union; Some of the achievement as mentioned by the Students’ Union President includes, the renovation of the Students’ Union library and it twenty-four hours smooth operation, creation of entrepreneurship programmes and job opportunity for students, welfarism, Campus Report Application, Transportation Cost around school environs, Increase power supply, Student Union decorated Logo, Student Union Website (www.uisu.com.ng) and the mutual link the Union have been able to create between the management and the students.

UCJUI also observed that among the challenges readout by the President are; Hall Wardens, being signatories to all documents concerning students in the hall including her account, the unavailability of students’ Identity Cards (ID Cards) for this session, and the current internal memorandum on issues affecting the student yet the union is not copied.

The president, in his explanation asserts; “I did not held back when I saw the memo on the issue of hall warden’s signatory, I replied immediately to the management through the dean of students”. The content which was read by the clerk expounds the rejection of the union on issues of Hall Wardens being signatory.

On the issue of ID-cards, the president also tendered a letter written to question the management on why students are yet to collect their Identity. He further stated that “my studentship in UI is debatable. As at the ninth to tenth week of second semester I have not gotten my ID-card”.

After the clerk read the content of the letter, Mr. President further explained that the fee for the card that was slated for N650, the management in charge said the producer said it will cost N900 to have one. After asking him the way forward, he got an embarrassing reply from director of academics which according him was “we are working on it”

The most salient of all the challenges is the current memorandum from the management to hall wardens and deans of faculties on issues concerning the students without copying the Student Union executives.

In response to this, the union president categorically stated that he called for a Town Hall meeting involving all faculties cum departmental representatives, hall chairs, members of the campus press club and the chief security officers (CSO) of the school, were the union notified the CSO about the memorandum, their decision was to reject all instructions on the memo and that no Security Officer should harass any student or disrupt their events so long they do not violate law and order of the school such as being violent.

After the letter from the SU to the Management was read by the Clerk, the President of the Union said that the response to the letter “was not official”. After much deliberation on the matter, the council instructed the Union Executive Committee to setup a committee which will consolidate with the School Management.

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