It is no longer news that there is depletion everywhere. Things get worse and tougher as the day goes by and one is robbed of ideas of what to do. Things of value suddenly become valueless and I ask if this is a blessing or a curse.
The genre of this recession is rooted in a number of things ranging from bad economic policies, bad leadership, and extravagant lifestyle amongst others.
*what is recession?
One can define recession as a downward movement in the flow of things. Someone defined recession as that period when what you have seem not enough to cater for your basic needs and can no longer sustain you. Our country ‘Nigeria’ is experiencing serious hardship and crisis and grievances keep coming up daily , everyone seem not to know what to do. Many see this period as one caused by our actions and inactions.
*what causes recession?
-Governmental policies:
The government has enacted some policies that tend to favour themselves alone. Governmental policies on multiple tax, land, importation e.t.c. has affected and ruined the activities of the citizens and indirectly, these policies have affected the country’s economy.
-Bad leaders:
The rate of bad and unreliable leaders in this country increases daily. We have leaders who are bereft of ideas and do not know the way forward for the country. We have leaders who are concerned in looting funds and having a fat salary and this helps us to have a degraded economy because we do not have good hands handling the wheel.
-Excessive spending:
Nigerians have the habit of overspending. We sirens so in irrelevant things and in the end we spoil the economy. If our spending are focused on Nigerian things, it will have been better but we invest our money outside the country and this makes their economy better. Some Nigerians are so extravagant that the only thing Nigerian about them is their body. This is not supposed to be so. This lifestyle also determines the economy.
-Lack of diversification
The government has focused on only one desk resource ‘petroleum’, forgetting other solid minerals and resources. When we focus on a particular aspect of life, we tend to forget and neglect the others and they gradually become useless in and for themselves.
There are other causes but we will limit ourselves to the ones listed above. As young ones, there are things we can do to survive this period. They are highlighted below.
* Cut down cost. You don’t need to buy all you see. There are attractive things but not all are meant for you. Cutting down cost helps you to stay disciplined and train yourself towards saving. Cutting down cost involves changing your lifestyle.
Not everyone is made to be a ‘MUA’, so don’t think that’s the only thing available for you to do. Think of something different from what others are doing. Stand distinct, think big. If you are already an entrepreneur you can still think of another entrepreneurial skill to begin. Remember ideas rule world, so use it well. The economy needs people who can fit into and embrace different fields
*Don’t burn that fuel
One great exercise is walking and it won’t be a bad ideas if one decided to invest in it now. At this critical period, we need to watch the way we exhaust fuel. If you must use your car, leave early enough to avoid traffic jam so as to utilise fuel well.
*Be Optimistic
Have hope in yourself and the country. Be expectant of a good economy. We need to think positively about ourselves and the country.
*Have well planned fun
Everything we do now have to fit into a compact plan. Do not be pushed by peers in doing things or having fun when you know you do not have the capacity. If you must club, club wisely. If you must celebrate your birthday, do it with a sense of reason.
*Good leaders.
A good and viable economy depends on good leaders. As young people we should strive to be good leaders who will give people comforting policies.
* Avoid unnecessary phone calls. Your calls should be limited to only official and extremely important calls. Instead of calls, make use of the social media and restrict calls to necessary calls.
*Buy only the important things. There’s no need to buy excess groceries when you do not need them. You don’t have to buy excess clothes and shoes when you know you will only have to wear them in years to come. Streamline your options, it helps you to prioritize well
I think this economy recession in the country is more of a blessing than a curse. This is because it has helped enlightened Nigerians in the need to secure the future. At least, we know that if we don’t spend wisely we will end up suffering and will leave nothing for the coming generation. This recession has brought us closer to the government and most of us want to be well informed about their actions and inactions as we believe that we are in a way affected by their policies.
Finally, this recession had taught us lessons on identity. Everyone finds a way to fit themselves into the system. As youths, if we don’t take bold and right steps, we will end up storing nothing for ourselves and the future generations.


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