Out of all the available courses in our institution, Idia 101 has been extensively researched and confirmed to be the most interesting and easiest course to pass. Regardless of your major, you could still take it as an additional.
The course is interestingly titled “Introduction To The Study Of Relationships, Deceit And Get- Togethers”, which happens to be a life building course. In fact, it is a 2- unit course simply because it mainly involves two partners. You can easily and ‘flenjolly’ get your 7points in this course without sweats (omo “Efah” niyen o).
Did you ask if the course requires extensive reading? Read Kwa? Nooooooooooo, what have you got to do with that?
All you have to do is to get a partner and register at night by the great Queen Idia gate. You need not come with anything apart from your partner and wallet.
This course is so valuable that it takes a lot of commitment and devotion that even ‘stalites’ (200l & above) take the course. At night, you see them patrolling the entrance gate of Idia hall in skimpy skirts or shorts, suggestive tops and seductive perfumes. As there are three different kinds of people who go to the market, so also are the Idia 101 majors; some are there for real business, ‘a cool one’ LOL, some also go to make up with their ‘bae’ or ‘gae’, while some only go to feed their ‘covetous eyes’. Oh, are you wondering if they (stalites) failed ‘it’ while in lower levels? No, not at all! You know, it just takes a lot of consistency and time to come out with a ‘1st class’ in this course. Chill, the course is a piece of cake. Trust me; it is not a bad one.
Being a nocturnal course, you get to have a lot of course mates as your friends. Or is the course not all about making friends? Of course, it is. It is a required- elective course. Merely seeing your friends taking the course will also encourage you to join ‘the gang’. The course does not really have a lecturer teaching it, you take up the lecturing yourself *LO-BA-TAN*. Optional it is, as you could take it one session and leave it the next, then another and so on.
This course is a hideous one as it allows the partners to hide their faces under the cloak of darkness as such ambiance is needed for proper lecturing. Each partner dictates the outline of the course which could involve caressing, hugging, kissing, rubbing, shaking (Hmm, my hands are clean).
You know, it could not really seem that bad, (no?)
LOL, you’ve got a dirty mind ‘jare’.
Now shall we look at some of the reasons why you should consider taking the course too? Oh, before we proceed, let me clear the misconception that it is only Idiates who take the course. Haba, we are too generous not to give out our courses to others (the Bellites, Katangites, Tedderites, Balubites, Mellanbites, Abdulsallamites, even Awoites).
The course is available for all and sundry. Ehen, Back to business, the course is a CGPA booster. Don’t get scared as you will have no qualms taking the course.
This is a course that has been designed to change your life, character and future.
Finally, just taste it and you will see that it is GOOD. (I rest my case)


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