NAPS PRESS: Can we meet you?
Kemi: Okay. Fine my name is Ajayi Adekemi Esther, 200level student of the Department of Philosophy, University of Ibadan. Creative director Donna Shashi Mao by ADEKEMIkemi
NAPS PRESS: How has the journey been so far as a designer?
Kemi: Well, it has been fun for me, each time I make an outfit, it feels like I just performed magic! Am so in love with what I do, though, it sometimes feels like a herculean task.
NAPS PRESS: Do you have partners under your brand?
Kemi: No, I do not have partners under my brand, but I have other designers as friends that we work together sometimes.
NAPS PRESS: What challenges do you face while working with other designers?
Kemi: So far, none.
NAPS PRESS: How long have you been a fashion Designer?
Kemi: Well, I started learning second week in September 2015, and I started sewing a week after I started learning. From then till now, I have done pretty good jobs.
NAPS PRESS: Why fashion designing?
Kemi: I have always wanted to make a statement through fashion, so I thought doing it myself instead of employing others to do it for me, will make my ideas more pronounced.
NAPS PRESS: Who is your role model?
Kemi: Well, I am not the role model kind of person, for now I do not have maybe I will someday. But then, there are some people I do love what they do like Deola Sagoe, Olakunbi of April by Kunbi, Zizi Cardow, Toyin Lawani of Tiannah’s Empire, Bill Gates amongst others.
NAPS PRESS: What inspires you?
Kemi: A lot. But most importantly the drive to succeed, and the idea that Mom has got to be proud
NAPS PRESS: How have you been combining your entrepreneurship skills with your studies?
Kemi: Ah! Woo!! Ko easy!!! To think of the fact that I am trying to acquire a new skill and I still go for my sewing brush-ups plus UI timetable and trying to find time to study…… the Lord is my strength. But then, I have been trying hard to balance both, bearing in mind my primary objective which in the next two years is my academics.
NAPS PRESS: What are your future plans in the fashion industry?
Kemi: Hmm… talk of plans, telling all may take all pages of these interview sheets, so let’s not go there for now. But then, like I said earlier, I intend making a statement in the fashion industry and leaving a mark. Donna Shashi Mao by ADEKEMI is a brand you are going to be hearing of for a long time, God willing.
NAPS PRESS: You said you are acquiring a new skill, what is it?
Kemi: Yeah…. I am learning how to make foot wears.
NAPS PRESS: Is it everything that has to do with fashion you are involved in?
Kemi: Yes, I want to have a fashion empire.
NAPS PRESS: So far, how has your experience with customers being?
Kemi: Well! Well!! Well!!! I have had some great customers that appreciate what I do especially when they know am involved in other things, they have been good people. I have also had one or two people that proved difficult to please, although in the long run they love what I do.
NAPS PRESS: Let us get personal; what are your likes and dislikes?
Kemi: I like a lot of things and I dislike a lot of things but let me mention a few. I like good people who are real, plain and sincere, I love beautiful things, I can go on and on. Hmm… I hate lies, I dislike cunny people and also judgmental people.
NAPS PRESS: Would you describe yourself as a religious person?
Kemi: What is religion? If you mean someone who prays and believes in God, I am.
NAPS PRESS: Who is your favorite napsite?
Kemi: Well, you can talk about people I like but I do not have ‘favorite anything’
NAPS PRESS: So who do you like?
Kemi: I like more than ‘who’. I like my classmates that I roll with, a few Napsites in other levels like emm… Oluwagbemisola Aiyedun, Anuoluwapo 400l and Yetunde Onikute.
NAPS PRESS: Among the staff, who in the department has impacted your life the most?
Kemi: I rapport with most of my lecturers especially Mr. Lawal, Dr. Tade Adegbindin, and Dr. Afolayan. They have always said more than one thing that I can fall back on.
NAPS PRESS: What about among the students?
Kemi: Well, none so far.
NAPS PRESS: What is the most important lesson you have learnt ever since your stay on campus?
Kemi: That you meet different people from different backgrounds with different characters and ideologies, just watch it!
NAPS PRESS: Any special someone?
Kemi: What do you mean special someone?
NAPS PRESS: I mean, are you in a relationship?
Kemi: NO.
NAPS PRESS: Who is your celebrity crush?
Kemi: Hmmm, ‘kosi’.
NAPS PRESS: Who is your favourite musician?
Kemi: I already said I do not have ‘favourite’ anything.
NAPS PRESS: So you mean we cannot ask you who is your favourite lecturer?
Kemi: Yes, please.
NAPS PRESS: What are your plans after philosophy?
Kemi: I am going to law school, and I am building my fashion empire
NAPS PRESS: What advise do you have for other student entrepreneurs?
Kemi: FOCUS. They should know what they want. They should not do things because they see others doing it or because it works for others – it won’t work, if it does, it won’t last. They should just pursue their own dreams, think their own thing, and be the best at what they originally wanted. If they do not know what they want, they should consult and make their own final decisions. Do not do ‘mogbo moya’
NAPS PRESS: What do you think is the most important thing one learns in school?
Kemi: How to be a better person.
NAPS PRESS: What is your philosophy of life?
Kemi: Be you. Believe in yourself. Think big. Focus. Know that everyone is standing, but you have to stand out. DARE TO RULE!


  1. Kemi am So so proud of you and what you have become in this past few years. Am happy You’ve forgot your disappointment, and forged a part for your self in life. My God will grant unto you all that you desire in life. Keep on keeping on the top is your place.


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