She was cold inside and one would wonder why. The weather outside was cold close to a hundred degrees.story Everybody was looking a way to feel cool but not her, she needed no help feeling cool as she shivered on her bedroom floor.
Events of the last month began to flash before her eyes. She began to wish she could jump into the images she now saw vividly, she wanted a chance to change what had happened. She felt like wishing it all away like it had been a dream. She wanted to scream out but she could only sub softly, she did not want any attention.
A very happy child she had been, at least on the outside, people still think she is. To her family, she is a promising lass. To her father, a little angel without blemish, he adores her. Her mother, when they are not having misunderstandings seeks to make her special. Her siblings just want the best for her. A perfect family, yes, she has all the opportunities in the world.
So what went wrong? Why is she afraid to face the world? Why is her once lovely and genuine smile all just a charade to cover up how she feels inside? As she seats up to get ready for the day, she began to think maybe if her father had not thought she was still young and naïve, maybe if he had made her feel close to him to the point that she could talk about anything up to the desires of her heart, what the time she spent in school really exposed her to. Maybe if he had felt a little more concerned than thinking it was only money she needed and little talk that centred on reminding her of her goals in school.
Or was it her mother’s constant nagging of what she thought she was doing, that really she was not doing. Or her mother’s constant scary dreams or how she came at her about how she is slack in her church duties. Should she have wished her siblings were different? Though she loved them to the moon and back.
Scrap all these thoughts; she just wanted to carry the burden all alone. She just wished she had been more opened. She wanted now more than ever to endure her father’s scolding and tell him everything. She wanted her mother’s warnings more than ever. She wished for an opportunity to just tell her sisters the truth about what has been going on in her life. She just wanted things to be different and maybe, just maybe, she would not have to be telling her family that she is PREGNANT!!!
Yes, she is seventeen and she just found out she is PREGNANT!!! She is her father’s baby and she is going to have a baby or not…


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