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campus gist
My pipu d kain trouble wey english dey cause for person ehn, no be here. Na so one of our ogbonge lecturer dey ask we general secre quehion for class, we no know wetin make baba confuse. Baba just open mouth dey throw bullets for class. Baba talk sey “I told her to put it on the WhatsApp “. Mr Abbey abeg dey try consider the kain stress wey all we GES tutors don enter on top say den wan tish us better English before you open mouth dey form Falz for class.

E be like say I never see this kain thing before sha. I wan give ogbonge gbosa to all we secon levellers as den dey serious dis semester. My antenna carry sey lecturer no dey class for over 30 minutes and dis secon levellers no comot, dem sidon dia dey wait. This one na really good thing o, make Una no stop did kain ogbonge attitude to tins wey consign school.

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