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This Adeoye Adejare Administration is too boring o jare!

By Tobi Idowu

My goodness, haven’t we just had a semester taste of the Deoye’s (Dynamism 2016) tenure? Dynamism? Indeed! Politicians are the greatest abusers of words. They just rummage the dictionary, pick any ‘good-looking’ word – not considering the word’s dos and don’ts- and then begin to show off. Anyways…

I’ve got no problems with their infidelity to their taken words. I’m actually riled no end by the insincerity of these politicians, students’ politicians who too soon forget that there are some of us, stuffy fellas, who lick our lips in anticipation of how they will bear the crosses of their campaign catchy words. Dynamism, Altruism, Positivity, Project work (hmmm) etc. etc., these unlucky words and their connotations are soon divorced, and sent back to their abstract domain, after they have served their purpose. Adeoye Adejare Skelemba (I’ll be blown, what the heck does skelemba mean) has literally been sly along with other student’s politicians in the dishonest business with words. But Skelemba…

For those not in the know, and for those stalwarts ready to haul stones, the immediate past administration was the real deal. Yes, you can note today’s date, and start quoting me. Mr. Babatunde Aniagboso – bless his soul – gave AFASites everything and anything. It was an unending session in rowdy movement. Emeka loved to be at the centre of a raging storm, and loved to have devoted disciples at its edges in case. Noisy controversies, most times unnecessary, therefore fed AFAS and AFASites beyond their containment. The then President would have Babatunde crawled into his name whenever he addressed students’ gathering, especially the then hollowed – argh, I meant to type hallowed – chamber. Mr. current President take note, amuse us.
I said the old President had devoted disciples. He did and he successfully programmed them to his taste. One of them was the immediate past Speaker of the AFAS legislative arm. Oh, the Speaker described by a certain someone who is being rumored to be coming out to seek our supports in order to legally replace Adeoye as, ‘the man who escaped dwarfism’ acted his political backup man script well, very well. It was not unnoticed to anyone who attended the proceedings at his led Council that he was a con man merely echoing prepared speech. But he did a good job because it certainly is not a simple task to live out of oneself and start ‘forming’ another character when you’re not from the legion of Thespis. What am I saying? Mr. former President made sure every other organ danced to his tune. Well, this could be the case in the present dispensation, but it is not being done well anyway. How?

There seems to be a certain peaceful co-existence and cohesion between the organs of the Association. Not bad, you say? Pooh… who wants dull tranquility when we can have stormy controversies that will get everybody busy all session? Emeka, high five once again. Just a peep at last session will awake the ghosts of stage-managed impeachment sagas, suspension of some unfortunate executive members, irrelevant brouhaha concerning the passing of budgets, the Monday morning check on the AFAS Press board in order to see which person it was his/her turn to receive the corrective knocks, and the hilariously disrespecting tendencies of a friend of the former President, who was a Gen. Sec in the last before the last administration, to the Council, to some executives and to AFASites he did not take fancy to. This notoriously famous person had a fantastic tribute to him in the Association’s magazine. Of him, it was written, ‘ the girls will now be left in peace.’ Nice, nice and nice.

Okay, you’ll start blaming me for my impatience. There is the second semester, and it is that semester that allows for all those craze I seek, right? You may not be right, you see. A Saturday that will be scintillating would have had a prior Friday that would tease us with the expectant thrills. Emeka’s Friday was muah, his Saturday was muah muah. Don’t know if I’m the only one, AFAS Press board has been dull thus far. You see what I mean? Adeoye is notorious for his safe-dealing with everyone, including the Press. Mr. president , don’t you want to be in the hot news, ehn? Just once or twice. Politicians, it is said glory in being talked about, especially by Journalists in the negatives at some points. This makes them soar in popularity, and if they can manage it well, they get more people into their movements. It is time, fellow AFASites, to ask this President to change gear. Let’s tell him to let his dog-one loose (Aja one oya gbe ra!)…

We need to tell him we’re bored of his “intellectual” programmes. We certainly didn’t vote for him to add to our intellectual rigour which is being taken care of by the Faculty. Which one is ARTS Festival again? If it were carnival it’ll have drawn our ears. Who programme that’ll be poetry and all those stuff galore epp? Who those boring endeavour epp? And the AFAS REVIEW? It seems everyone in his administration has caught his boring bug. Mr. Director of Information, we used to have Magazines. Review mba! Reviews are boringly tedious scrawl of words for boring people. Bring back our Magazine. And, please let the magazine be faithful to the magazine creed: more pictures, more glitz and more sensational stories. Heard? Fellow AFASites, the earlier we send Deoye and his team to some weeks’ study of the Emeka’s tenure, the better. After the study, bring back our controversies. Bring back our controversies, our mouths itch to converse controversies.

I must not forget the ill-choice the President made in picking his two co-opted members to the Faculty Legislative Council. These guys, especially the smaller of the two, are just too easy and dull. Co-opted members are meant to be the eyes and the noses of the executives in the Council. Apart from that they are meant to be hunt-dogs metaphorically. They need must perform the Okupe’s role in the Council. Okay, who forgot how, at last dispensation, a certain Mister from the prestigious History department (the man of the celestial way forward) held the Council to ransom if they didn’t do his biddings – he was a co-opted member for Mr. Emeka and he did his boss hatchet man job very well. His histrionics and vain theatrics made last session and Emeka’s tenure the muah muah that it was.

So I think you now understand my grunts at insecerity with words. What is Dynamism if we don’t get hilarious and ridiculous discussions to chew our mouths with every week? Couldn’t the FLC and the executives stage-act rifts between them, haba? Shouldn’t other arms of AFAS flaunt their muscles? Why must you come to the Press board only to read serious and abtract articles every time? People now complain that the Press board is too serious nowadays. Must our Jacks work always? You get my drifts, right? Okay. Bye.

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