By—Olatunji Haleem

Hon. Akuma Joshua Ikechuchukwu, an aspirant for the post of Speaker in the 6th Assembly of the Students Representative Council of the Students’ Union in the University of Ibadan has said that the purchase of GES textbooks will be either included in the GES fee or totally removed by the University Managemnt if he emerges.

The Honourable from Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall constituency made this statement during an interview with UCJUI correspondent on Wednesday.

While speaking on his plans for the council, he said “I have come up with a sharing formula that would minimize the level of conflict between the executive and legislative arm, there will be effectiveness on the part of the committees, and there should be online registration strictly.” He added that he is coming up with a policy that will bring about agreement with the University Management that the Jaja Clinic identity number should be written on the school identification card.

Akuma Joshua

The 300 level student of the department of Political Science mentioned that his administration will work hard in the “total emancipation of students” as he will ensure that they will continue from where the outgoing council stopped as his administration will prioritize the consolidation of the previous legacies. If necessary some things will be amended.

Talking about his expectation from the newly inaugurated executive council of the Union, the aspirant said he expects them to “correct the mistakes of the past and create new possible opportunities for the union.”

He added that his vision for the Union is “is to build a union in which everybody will be satisfied”.

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