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An Ode to the Complainers, Complaints and Complaining

By Ajakaye Bashir

And so what? What if we choose to complain all our lives? Do you know if that is the 21st century surest path to success? What took Reuben Abati from the poor haggard and hungry looking journalist to he was to the well-to-do-fat-mouth­-piece-of-corruption­ he later became? And lest we forget Dino melaye the celebrity senator, he is also a beneficiary of strategic complaining.

I am avert to the views of those who complain that Nigerian youths complain too much on issues. In setting my view straight, is there any spiritual repercussion for complaining? Is there any pain felt by our detractors in their vocal folds from our constant complaints? Or, rather, is there a law that forbids you questioning your existence.

The bitter pill is that our detractors are king of complaint themselves, you find their articles where they lament the foolery of powers far above them, it is therefore intellectually ironic that who themselves benefitted from outspokenness are hell bent on choking back any word of revolt trying to escape our mouths. Any form of question is entertained as an audacious display of our ingratitude, and might be considered as a disrespect to powers that be.

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The truth is that the Nigerian youth is not the only complaining entity in Nigeria, in fact the system is completely painted with complainers. The child complains he is not being properly taken care of by his parent, the parent complains that the government is not doing what it should do, the government in turn complains that the past leaders wizardry still clutches the aspirations of the nations, while the past leaders blame military intervention or colonialism. This is the real Nigerian society, where even a man caught still chewing yam – with palm oil dripping from his right hand – would still deny vehemently the theft of the palm oil, in essence no one is ready to accept their blame.

Even those who analyse the history of Obasanjo’s family every morning at the newspaper stand, while the jobs they are being paid to do lie untouched somewhere, have the guts to accuse youths, haba!

To be fair, let everyone complain.

I hope and pray wholeheartedly that hoes will farm themselves, let the farmer complain. Files will treat themselves, civil servants should continue complaining at the newspaper stand, every one shouldn’t try to to something and stop complaining, things will get themselves done. Otherwise apply the ‘e go better’ means.


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