Vote wisely!

9:17 And we end the show at this juncture.

9:16 A member of the Electoral Commission giving votes of thanks

9:16 “I will make sure that SU Buses are repaired and used in my tenure” – Nifemi

9:14″We will work with security forces to have check points in specific places in Agbowo”- Omooba

“I have no choice than to integrate people with special needs into my administration” – Omooba

” we will have committee of landlords in my tenure. we will align with the Police Force off -campus”- K-Cent

“there will be landlord-students union relationship in my administration”- Otunla

“people living with disabilities will be part of my committees” – Otunla

“i have plans for people living with special needs – Nifemi

9:06 “there is no consideration for special students in your plans” – A pressman to all the Presidential aspirants

9:04 ” Will you keep your business partners waiting should you emerge” – A pressman to

9:04 “what plans do you have for students that live in Agbowo – a pressman to all the aspirants

9:03 “give answers to the questions you ask on your poster”s -Egbe Emmanuel to K-Cent

9:02 Prove to us that you can defend us

9:01″I will look into having street lights where they are needed- Omoba

“I will look into getting e-jaja card”- Omoba

9:00 “I will look into the IT broadband”- Omoba

8:59 Omoba in his usual histrionic manner, introduces himself

8:58 “we will ensure that the school makes the process of admitting cab operators less strict”- K-Cent

8:57 “we will ask questions.”

8:56 “We will see to the welfare of students”- K- Cent

“We need to effect a lecture free week before exams, opening of KDL 24/7 two weeks before exams- Otunla

“we will bring Student advocacy council to fight victimisation-Otunla

8:54″We need to decentralise transportation system in UI”

8:54I will bring more ATM Machines to UI- Otunla

8: 53 “we shall loook at the welfare of students”- Nifemi

“we will make sure we do something about the SU Bus”- Nifemi

8:50 “we will ensure that there is SU Hall of Fame

8:49 ” we will invite companies for entrepreneurship programmes” – Deroju

8: 48 Mr Kehinde Adegoke just walked in

8:47 “mentioning names of sponsors ties you down” – Deroju

8:46 “where will your car wash be located- a pressman to Deroju

“where will you get money to finance your scholarship scheme

8:45 “we will introduce vending machines that will be run by students” – Deroju

We will have a car wash system – Deroju

8: 43 “Many students don’t know how to write a CV” – Deroju

8:39 “IT is different from Internship” – raheem

8:38 “convince me to participate in your IT programme – Egbe Emmanuel to Raheem

8: 37 Supporters are allowed in and are angry.

8:37 “I pledge to listen to everyone at all times – Boko

8:36 “I pledge to establish a union that is encouraged by all – Boko

8:33 “I will set up a secretary forum, Correspondent database, Emulsification of the secretariat – Exergy

8:32 “I will organise capacity building programmes for students – Raheem

8:31 “I will facilitate internship for students that don’t do IT or TP- Raheem

8: 28 “my experience as a blogger will help me make the SU website effective – Leystra

8: 25 questioning of P.R.O aspirants in progress

8:24 “I will set up a media forum that will consist of all P.R.Os”- AK

8:23 ” I will ensure I maintain proper relationship between Uites ans SU executives- Leystra

8:22 ” I will ensure the publication of the SU Bulletin

8:22 “I will ensure that the SU website is functional”

8:21 “I will set up a publicity team”- Leystra

8:15 K-Cent still absent

8:12 ” I will provide past questions for freshmen” – BET

8:10 “I will bring Fresher Hub to Unibadan – BET

8:11 “I will disseminate information to Freshmen before thy even resume”- BET

8:09 ” I apologise for coming late” – BET

The press night started at 7.05pm

The anchors are Arowosafe samuel and kunle

The president of the Union of Campus Journalist is giving the opening speech

Omooba, k-cent and Nifemi are not at the press night venue.
Ore Kelvin just walked in
Sports Secretary aspirants to speak first
“I will get accommodation for sportsmen” – JBoy
“I will bring equality in all sports activities”- JBoy
“I will ensure gender equality in sports”- jBoy
“I will make awareness of sports” – JBoy
“I intend to make awareness for sports. There are about 16 sports one can participate in” – Ife
“I intend to make motivation” -Ife
I hope we are updating these?
“Females are exploited unnecessarily, special students are not well represented in the student union”- Osas
“I will advocate for the needs of students” – Osas

“I will work with committees aside from the ones provided by the constitution”-Osas

“a programme will come up for special students once in a session”- Osas
“Vendors will have to be evicted if they don’t heed to price regulations policies”- Osas

K-cent is yet to be around.

“I should be check mated if I use the SU bus inappropriately” -Osas

“I will source for funds for the union.” – ARJ

“The SU statement of account will be published every month”- Ore Kelvin

“I will ensure that there are more ATM Machines in UI”- Ore Kelvin

“We will work with the Physical Planning Unit to site locations of ATM”- OK

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