4:25 pm …And here we draw the curtain… #UI decides

4:24 pm Candidates were carried neck-high out of the SU Events Centre

4:21 pm Ibraheem Alawode gives the closing prayer

4:19 pm The Chairman planning committee, Okoh Kingsley give the vote of thanks.

4:18 pm Here we live to fight another day.

4:07 pm K.Cent, who is going to be the head of the Judical council andCan’t you go about this without getting an SDC letter?

K.Cent replies: is not for me to precide, it is the duty of the SRC…. Olateju Aliyu has tried is best but there is more to be done… diplomatic ways are to be exploited first, if such fails then we use other means.

Nifemi, how would you help the management without consulting them?

Nifemi replies: we need legal backing, Femi Falana and Tunde Bakare would part of our administration…there are platforms opened by the school to help them, we would tap to these.

Omooba your reaction on Tedder Hall cubickle?

Omooba replies: i would see to its eradication.

Otunla on victimisation: We would solidarize and fight the collective war.

if your member are behind you no one would be able to victimize you.

3:53 pm Monopoly of UI bread and Water what is your stand? what new ideas do you have?

Nifemi- low quality of bread…UI water has tasteany body that monopolize would definitely extort….we would fight that

We are coming up with an app to calculate C.G.P.A within seconds…The App will automatically put your phone on silence when you are in  class… The App will bridge the gap of communication between the students and all offices of the Students’ Union

Omooba- UI water and bread is not good.

“student welfarism is my priority”

K-Cent: we would negotiate with them on how to improve the bread and water…if they are not cooperative, we would break the monopoly.

“our course registration would be change from manual to online- K. Cent new idea.

Otunla- They should improve on the UI water and bread or be ready for competition.

3:50 pm “I would be the voice of students at all levels”- Omooba”.

3:41 pm “Part of my plan is Anti- Extortism”- Nifemi

3:41 pm A project without a topic is like walking into the bush. We would ask question”- K, Cent

3:41 pm “UI  is incapacitated”- Nifemi. it seems to have no solution

3;39 pm “It is high time we start been innovative, we can no longer rely on the management”- Nifemi.

3:36 pm “If they cooperate with us we live peacefully with them”- K. Cent

3: 29 pm “The school management should pick either of the two, peaceful revolution or violent revolution”- K. Cent

3:28 pm Mr. K. Cent should UI prepare for war for you are aggressive in your political campaign?

3:28 pm Audience stalling the continuation of the programme.

3:27 pm Mr K Cent do you know what a hawk means?… Is that what you are?

3:26 pm Report and question feeds from the panelists

3:18 pm Knowledge is not limited to the four walls of the university, any knowledge without practical is useless- K. Cent in response to Otunla’s question

3:18 pm: What is the correlation of judicial council and academic work- Otunla.

3:16 pm Union without SJC is not complete- KCent

3:15 pm Judicial council- is a luxury

3:12 pm Student judicial council a necessity or a luxury

3:11 pm 2000 minimum dues by the SRC is not justifiable-  Nifemi and Otunla.

3: 09 pm There is common sense in allocating dues,  the 2000 minimum due is outrageous- Nifemi

3: 08 pm Aspirant to counter one another on a debate topic for five-minutes.

3: 08 pm Business of the day continues.

3: 02 pm getting back to the real business of the day- presidential debate.

2: 56 pm Otunla– food and transportation project

2: 56 pm Revolution is about K-Cent, is about Otunla, is about Omooba, is  about Nifemi- K-Cent

2:54 pm We need legal backing- Nifemi

2:53 pm Rebuttal: revolution cannot solve a thing- Nifemi

2: 47 pm Aspirant  in then rebuttal session.

2:46 pm Otunla, stating the problem of the University

2:45 pm “tell professor Olayinka prepare our SDC letter”- K Cent threatens school management.

2:44 pm “A mind that knows is a mind that’s free” K-Cent refers to the school anthem.

2:43 pm “we need to take charge, we need to build the union”-Nifemi

2: 42 pm  “The Management needs help, we need to help them”-Nifemi

2:41 pm ” we need internet access” Omooba repeats

2: 40 pm Omooba stands for optimization

2:39 pm Debate resumes after rally

2: 38 pm Presidential debate chairperson begs aspirants and supporters to maintain decorum

2:37 pm Give us a chance to speak because when we speak even the opponent will vote for us

2: 35 pm Presidential candidates to address their supporters as the audience become more aggressive

2: 30 pm Supporters in a disorderly manner leaving visitors to ask if this is a presidential debate or a rally

2: 26 pm Citation of Adeyemi Adeyanju Usman aka Omooba  being read by the M.C

2: 10 pm Citation of Ojo Emmanuel Nifemi aka Nifemi being read by the M.C

2: 05 pm Citation of Kehinde Olagoke aka K.cent being read by the M.C

2:00 pm Citation of Otunla Olayinka Akeem aka Otunla being read by the M.C

1:57 pm I washed car for my department, so car washing should not be a problem for some students

1: 55 pm The School management should not move closer to the S.U stalls,” Aderoju Accusing the management of collecting returns from some stalls inthe SU Building

1:50 pm ” welfare of the Students is the job of the management and not SU” Deroju debating on Students’ welfare: Management duty or SU

1:30 pm ” we would run car wash to generate funds

1:27 pm “seminars for finalist on how to write CVs”

1: 25 pm “we will give awards and scholarship to the best student per session” — Deroju

1:24 pm Deroju presents her manifesto

1:23 pm Citation of Aderoju being read by the M.C

1:22 pm The Presidential debate has started at the S.U event centre


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