Our nation Nigeria is on her way to full emancipation. Although everything seems dark and gloomy, it is proper to assert that there is hope. With a number of factors identified and addressed, it is very possible that our nation will gradually take a leap into liberation from basic negative strongholds. There is hope for the nation.

A key factor that can contribute to the well being of Nigeria is the building of capacity in youths with an aim to gainfully engage these, which in turn strengthens key sectors in our nation. The role of capacity building in national development efforts can’t be overemphasized. It aids effective application of skills and energy in pursuit of national development.

Motivated by the fact highlighted above, *STIle Empowerment Initiative is set to run an event that will present various cogent information and skills needed to sharpen human capital, with an aim to awaken people’s hearts to the need for capacity building as a means to national development..



The Revolution is an annual event that is aimed at presenting citizens of Nigeria, especially the young people with tools that enable development of leadership capacity such that they can function effectively individually, which in turn leads to national development. It is to stir a mental revolution among the youths that will provoke a national re-birth.

The event started out in the city of Ibadan and has impacted hundreds of youths across various states of the federation with its impact on countless thousands across the world.

The visionary is OlumideOjeleye, a Brand and Performance Consultant, Life Coach and Mentor to many youths in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

The vision of the event is to inspire and empower youths to contribute to the development of the nation, through the maximization of their gifts and abilities. It dares to provoke you to rather than complain, consciously take practical – however small, steps which will culminate into gross national development.

This is the sixth year the event is running and it is tagged Revolution 6.0 with the theme “POTENTIAL ADVANTAGE; Maximizing Personal Skills and Talents for National Productivity”.

The date for the event is October 1, 2015 being a memorable day to mark the anniversary of Nigeria’s independence. It is wise to hold an event of such impact level on a day like this.

This event is going to challenge you to make a sixth sense of fully utilizing their potentials and skills towards national development. We will educate them such that their perspectives will experience a shift; at the end of the event, every participant would have deeply understood the two dimensional benefit of fully maximizing their potentials.

It is certain that you will change the fact of the nation as you will go all out empowered to execute proven and potent tools in all effectiveness.


Features of the Event

The four hour conference will feature Talk Shows, Plenary Sessions, Brief  Presentations, Documentary about Nigeria and Development and Entertainment.

The Revolution is designed to create a mind revolution amongst the citizens of Nigeria to stir up change and achieve development in the country through the contributions of the citizenry. 2015 Edition is the 6th of this annual conference with a great impact on many youths in Nigeria with influence in different States. The theme for the Revolution 6.0 is POTENTIAL ADVANTAGE; Maximizing Personal Skills and Talents for National Productivity.

Speakers at this event are more than qualified and competent with many years of hands-on experience. The areas to be treated include, but not limited to:




Discovering, Developing and Deploying your Passion;

Entertainment; National Development;

Living Life by Design; I.T and Social Media;

Impact of Religion on National Development;

Career Pathand lots more.












FACILITATORS include JumokeCAXTON-MARTINS| YinkaBABALOLA | OlanrewajuOLAYODE | SeyiFALOJU| TolulopeMOODY | Ibrahim OREDOLA | ChinezeOGBOGU |OlumideOJELEYE(Convener) and more.






To register for this event, click this link and secure a seat in less than 2mins:



This year’s edition is also supported and partnered with by the U.I SUG,



STIle Empowered Initiative.

*STIle is an acronym for Skills Talents and Intelligence.


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