Can we meet you?

I am Adediran Favour. I am from Ibadan Oyo state. I am a student of Human Nutrition, 100level. I live in Awo Hall. My daddy is a Biochemist and a pastor and my mum is a business person.

Hmmm. So you are a pastor’s daughter?

Yes I am

One day you will become like him.

No problem now! (Laughing)

Why are you laughing? Are you sure?

Actually, you don’t call yourself, he calls you.

If your dad decides to find a successor and he chooses you, can you do anything about it?

No no no!!! He can’t do that. He has to pray about it.

Why did you choose Human Nutrition?

I want to be a dietician so that I can work with models, instructing them on how to keep their weight and the rest.

That’s interesting! How is it now? Is it what you expected or just bunch of theories?

I am actually still in 100level. We are still doing the general courses; I don’t yet know what it’s like.

What attracted you to U.I?

It’s because it’s near my house. I actually wanted to go somewhere far but my daddy cut my wings anyway. I am the last born, added to the fact that I am a girl; he didn’t want me to go far.

Does it make any difference? Is he here with you?

“My Dad visits me almost everyday”

He comes here like every day.

Why are you in the hostel then? You should stay at home.

No, I wouldn’t concentrate and I also want them to miss me.

What are your hobbies?

If I say I like reading what would you say?

Reading what kind of books?

Society, crime and romantic novels.

How do you think these your hobbies can benefit you? Probably after graduation and there seems to be a high rate of unemployment.

My talent.

Oh! Your talent? Your talent should come from your hobbies.


Okey, what’s your talent?

I know how to sing.“I can sleep for a whole day”

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Do you sing professionally?

No, but I am in the choir.

Are you the choir HOD?

No, but I sing most times.

That’s because your father is the pastor.

Nooooo!!!!! They will actually check your voice. Moreover, my voice is bad.

Apart from singing you don’t do any other thing?

I like sleeping.

You like what? Sleeping?

Yes! I like sleeping.In fact, I love sleeping;it’s just that U.I is cutting that part of me. Who doesn’t like sleeping?

Not everybody.

I can sleepfor a whole day as long as there is a bed and I can see the bed looking at me.But I am already adjusting anyway.

But you should be interested in modelling.

Not really. But I like it anyway.

But your dad…

No! I was part of the models that contested when GTbank came for the fresher’s welcome. I was the second runner up.

Wow! That’s nice. What gave you the confidence?

I saw the handbill and some people also meet me to talk to me about it, but I was a little reluctant at first.

You were “forming”?

Yah, you know now!. But I had to inform my mum.

Hmmm. Mummy’s pet!


For you to have been among the top three, it shows that you can dance.

We didn’t actually dance like that. But I sang.

Do you have a boyfriend?

(Long laughter) what would you use that one for now? I don’t have a boyfriend but I have friends that are guys.

Is it complicated?

Yah, no!…. I am single and not searching.

Yah, obviously you are not married, so you are single.

I just have close friends.

Do you mean friends with benefit?

Noooo!!!! I have friends

Everybody has friends

Yah, but I have friends, people want to be my boyfriend but I am not just interested.

You know someone reading the interview might be interested.

No, I am not hooked up.

So people can actually come for you?

I am not actually searching.

Are you saying this because of your dad? You don’t want him to see this on the board?

It’s not because of my dad, no! It’s not because of him.

We will like to know why.

It’s because of my G.P.  I am trying to build my C.G.P.A.

It’snice having you on Bold and Beautiful. In few words tell us your philosophy about life,

The life we live is just for a while, try and make everything moderate and enjoy your life. Don’t be extremely serious or extremely playful. Find a balance between them.


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