“We must all obey the great law of change. It is the powerful law of nature” – Edmud Burke
Yes! Change is the only thing that is permanent. The weathering of the earth’s crust is a form of change. In the world today, everything wants change, ranging from human beings, lifestyle, government, fashion, reproduction, profession, welfare, marriage, relationship, economy and so on. Our own country, the new government has formed a motto: CHANGE (smiles).

However, I don’t think the University of Ibadan is lagging behind in the quest for change. The school authority told all students to go home for two weeks due to the inadequate water supply and erratic electricity. The situation worsened when the country faced fuel scarcity, thus, there was power failure in the country. Nevertheless, things are normalizing and hopes are still high.

What about the Premier University? What change do we need? We need a positive change – a change that will make the university a world class institution. A university that will be a role model for others not just in Nigeria but in the world. A learning ground that will boast of a sustainable power supply for domestic uses, learning, research works and so on. A place where students and staff will not loiter and comb for water but it will be readily available for various uses.

Also, facilities in the halls of residence, departments and faculties need renovation and replacement. Learning tools and equipment are inadequate, thus, there’s need for more. Theory is not just the bedrock of learning rather practicability is inclusive.
Now, if all things become equal and things stabilize, then, the next questions are: how destructive are we? How manageable or careful are we? How well can we utilize the water? How can we stop damaging electrical appliances? Are we going to use the water closet as if we are in our father’s house? Are we going to handle the laboratory apparatus and equipment with utmost care? How quick can we stop kissing the walls? Let’s answer wisely.

If all these are put in place and we handle with care, there won’t be any cause for chaos or protest. Anyways, the break is over, school resumes and we truly hope the light and water have come to stay. That’s the change we crave for, an environment that is peaceful and habitable for studying.
Long live Queen Idia Hall!
Long live University of Ibadan!!
Long live Nigeria!!!


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