Nuru’s Wit  


Hello! How una dey? How jacking? I know right! You all are broke. It’s that part of the month when your bank account hits a red alert and you can’t just wait for a bank alert. E ma worry, God go win for una matter. And when e happen make una no forget to pay tithe oh! Plus me wey follow pray for the breakthrough, add my ten percent join.

Last week, Ventura’s customer-base increased, Shoprite ran out of stock and PEP experienced high influx of new customers this is according to Nuru’s wit statistics. Why? This is simply because Faculty of Arts declared a three-day lecture-free week for the International Conference which the Faculty was hosting. Nawa o! All these people no like book at all!

Some people try sha! Them no go Ventura or Shoprite; they attended the Conference from day one to day three. I was already praising these set of people oh when I discovered their main objectives at the conference venues; Item seven!!!

I shake my head for some AFASites! You know that song ema je ajeyo, ema tun gbe’lo le by Ayefele? Yes! That was exactly what they did. Some people even brought friends to partake in their feasting. But really, it’s not their fault though; imagine having akara, sandwich, toast, tea, Nescafe, pap, cookies all available in one feast and what’s more, you still get to serve yourself again! Haba! I don’t blame them.

Anyway, last week has come and gone. Conference has come and gone! Lecture-free days have come and gone too. What’s to do is to sit up and face the books because UI no be beans and CGPA waits for no one!



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