A new Dean has been elected for the Faculty of Education. His name is Professor Akinsola from the department of Teacher Education. The new Dean succeeds Professor O. A Moronkola of the department of Human Kinetics and Health Education, whAcademic Team 2015 20150501_080418o assumed office in the 2012/2013 academic session.

Professor Akinsola contested the Deanship with Proffessor Ademokoya of the department of Special Education. He is expected to assume office next month when the serving Dean leaves.

Soon-to-be-former Dean, Professor Moronkola will leave office with high shoulders, having had what a majority of student leaders have described as a great time of service. In a recent chat, the suspended President of the Faculty described the Professor as a father who listens to whatever one brings before him and reasons well with one. It does appear then that the suspended President will definitely miss the Prof.

Professor Moronkola’s tenure is credited with the erction of the current NUESA Secretariat and Enquiry stands, the use of keys for access to faculty toilets, the refurbishment of the Faculty exit and the concrete seats under trees along the Adult Education/ LARIS axis, among other things.

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