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Sigma Club is a social-philanthropic organization which was founded only in University of Ibadan in 1950. It is an organization of a group of male students united in a common profession; for a purpose, to perform charitable acts. It was named after the Greek alphabet Sigma which means ‘sum total’ with its major objective as ‘building whole men’. The club stands “for all that is pure”.

The impact and impression made by this motto on the minds of its members is evident in our wholeness of character and comportment even after graduation. Indeed the essence of Sigma Club is to produce ‘A HIGHER STANDARD OF HUMAN BEING’; it is no surprise that the Club is the oldest surviving student organization in sub-Sahara West Africa.

The club will be celebrating its 65th anniversary and a host of activities have been set aside to mark this milestone age. In this vein, the Club will be undertaking a recruitment process; the club will be having its admission interview on 25 May, 2015 to let in applicants into this society of worthy gentlemen. Hence the club requests application letters from interested male undergraduates of the University of Ibadan.

Also, the Club will be having a guest luncheon to induct distinguished personalities of the society who have contributed immensely to the society in one capacity or the other into the Sigma roll of honour. This is an avenue for those who did not join Sigma Club while in school to become an honorary member.

Furthermore, the 60th edition of the prestigious and glamorous Havana music carnival will come up this year. It is the aim of the club that this anticipated august event is both exciting and entertaining. Havanna will feature indoor games, Mr. and Miss Havanna, Public lecture, Raffle draw, lots of music, and the presence of notable artist like Tu-face, Sonny-Ade, Femi Kuti. It has always being a massive event, and September has been scheduled for it with adequate security. Everyone is invited! Just get the ticket.

All programmes by SIGMA are channeled towards charity.


Sigma is not cult group; instead it is a confraternity which means a brotherhood especially with a charitable purpose as generally. It based on tradition. It uniqueness is that it is only in University of Ibadan.

Sigma is social but what is paramount is philanthropy; it induces young men of integrity to see tomorrow. The dress code and other practices are part of the uniqueness. It does not screen unnecessarily; it must have been cautioned and warned. Admission deadline may be shifted to Tuesday or Wednesday.

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