For close to two weeks, transportation on campus has became a major issue to students and staffs. Starting off with the national hike in the price of fuel, motorists found it hard to get to their posts on time due to the long queues they had to deal with at the petrol stations. On getting to the school, they had no other choice than to increase the transport fare and the number of passengers to board their vehicles at a time. Fare that was initially 20naira became 30naira and the cabs meant for four passengers had to take 6 at a go. According to one of the motorists on Friday 1st of May, he was at the petrol station at about 4.00a.m that day, he just got to start work at about 2.00 p.mand he therefore had no choice but to hike the price and number of passengers. With the fuel matter almost resolved and transportation in UI going back to normal, a students’ protest began on the night of Wednesday, 6th of May 2015, which led to the closing of its main gates and the absence of cabs as well as buses for almost the whole of the next day. Students had to put up with this too, though with much complaint, most of them resorted to trekking to and from their halls of residence. Transportation can be said to be back to normal in the University for as at Saturday 9th of May, cabs and buses were moving normally, on time and the fare was back to how it used to be.


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