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On Mayowa’s death: …

Views: 96 …Mayowa’s death; a lesson for Tedderites, the hall management and the university community… Alaran Muslihudeen Mayowa was a first class 200 level student of the department of Human Kinetics (KHE), faculty of education, University of Ibadan. He suffocated and fainted while watching the Uefa Champions League match between Barcelona and Bayern on May 6 which ultimately resulted in ...

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Views: 98 You know, the University of Ibadan is one big bakery; it will turn, tear and, maybe, torture you. But, in the end, you alone will decide what happens – whether you’d get burned or baked. Last session, I had an instructive experience. The day was Tuesday; one of the days of the week on which the timetable for ...

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Views: 99 SU ASPIRANTS BOYCOTT PRESS NIGHT                                                                                                                            The aspirants’ empty seats In what appears to be a conspiracy, all the aspirants in the forthcoming election of Students’ Union Government of University of Ibadan did not attend the Union of Campus Journalists’ organised press night held at Trenchard Hall last week Wednesday, 13th May, 2015. It became obvious that the ...

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Views: 93 They call it hot plate, it cooks, boils fries and steams. But it does not cook for it has become a crook. It boils not, it soils our kitchenettes. It does not fry, it frizzles our slabs. And it does not steam, it stems our palate. The hot plate is hurting our cuisine.

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Views: 98 Dear diary, Another week of stressful palaver. It was a test infested one and I had to do late nights at the general reading room I used to dread last session due to its repugnant smell (Maybe I’ll buy air freshner for that place sef).It paid off though,because I was able to do most of the tests with ...

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