QIP: Tell us about yourself.

  1. UI: I am Onipede Oluwalonimi Olarinkomi from Osun state. I’m in 200l Adult Education, minor in English. I was born on Dec. 9th 19**. I used to be the second and last child of my parents until 6years later when they decided to make me the second and drop the last child. I had my primary school education inside this school; Baptist Nursery & Primary School and secondary education in Maverick College. And here I am in this school called UI.

QIP: You were the former MR. NUESA before you were crowned MR. UI, how did it feel moving from being the immediate past MR. NUESA to the present MR. UI within a very short interval?

  1. UI: I had two crowns at a time. (laughs) Well, it was just cool.             QIP: What inspired you to contest for Mr. UI?
  2. UI: When I won MR. NUESA, it was cool. But the major inspiration was when someone asked me if I was going for MR. UI, I was sceptical and scared and the guy was like, ‘how would you go when you won MR. NUESA by fluke’ though I was trying to be modest by telling him I was not contesting, his statement gave me that push and I challenged myself to know if I truly had what it takes. So, basically I wanted to prove a point.

QIP: How was the experience generally?                                                                              MR. UI: It was fun, cool. I met new people and discovered some things about myself. Don’t ask me what I discovered. (laughs)

QIP: Did you have your parents support?                                                                                    MR. UI: For MR. NUESA, yes. But when they saw my result my father insulted my life. I went for MR. UI behind them but when I won I told them and they were surprised and indifferent. But I had my mother’s support for modelling.

QIP: Was your result that bad?                                                                                              MR. UI: Book of life is out now, go and check. (laughs)

QIP: How do you handle female fans?                                                                                  MR. UI: I don’t know if I have female fans but if i do, come out and tell me. (laughs)

QIP: Are you into modelling?                                                                                                MR. UI: Yes

QIP: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

  1. UI: I want to be fulfilled. I don’t want to waste any time, I want to get married soon. So I should be married by then. Not too rich that I’ll forget God, and not too poor that I’ll deny God.

QIP: What plans do have for UI as the new MR. UI?

  1. UI: Put UI on the map.

QIP: Do you see yourself going into modelling after school?

  1. UI: Yes. A back up plan is needed.

QIP: Are you in a relationship?

  1. UI: I’m cool but the ladies can apply.

QIP: Do you have a mentor or a role model?

  1. UI: I mentor myself but I look up to my uncle. I don’t want to be like anybody. I’m myself.

QIP: What’s your favourite food?

  1. UI: Yam and egg fried with rodo, tatase, tomato, plenty onions and a cup of tea.

QIP: Your favourite colour and designer.

  1. UI: Black, red, blue…but my ‘most favourite’ is blue. Ferragamo, Gucci. See, I put on anything. All these Gucci is just to be exotic. (laughs)

QIP: What do you fancy most?

  1. UI: Food, sleep, clothes, shoes unfortunately I have a poor dress sense. I love perfumes but I don’t know any. I just like anything that smells nice.

QIP: What’s the most expensive thing in your wardrobe?

MR.UI: My glasses (recommended) and my blazer.

QIP: What do you do in your leisure?

  1. UI: Poetry. I listen to slow music.mr. ui

QIP: Your kind of woman?

  1. UI: Short, divine, romantic, a woman twho can spoil my life with food and won’t give me headache. (laughs)

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