Democracy is a system of government in which the exercise of political power and authority is vested in the peoplScales-of-Justice-360x3312e through their elected representatives. We operate a democratic system of government in Nigeria and its not also different here in this prestigious department. Politicians are well known to make lots of unrealistic promises in their manifestos so as to get the vote of the citizens although most of these manifestos are mere propagandas. The problem I have with this is, why make a promise/promises you can’t fulfill? (well, story for another day).
It is no longer news that the present administration in this premier department is rounding up and very soon, the baton will be passed to the next generation. But before you go, I feel there should be a form of judgement (sorry, the Holy book says, judge not!) or should I call it assessment of this administration. Now, by assessment, we mean, have they done well? Compared to other administrations, have they performed up to expectations? And more importantly, have they fulfilled their promises? We are not the judges, Nassorites will decide.
There have been some issues concerning this administration like the issue of the excursion, issues in congress, package e.t.c but as sensitive as they may look, I am not interested in discussing them. I feel I must really address the “excos” themselves.
I’ll love to take it from ascending to descending order.
Without a doubt, suffice it to say, it is not easy being the pilot of a department like this. We are not many, but we sure are feisty and opinionated. And it takes a courageous, firm and vision-oriented person to preside over such people.
Now to the heart of the matter, Mr President, when you were coming in, you promised us a lot! Our hopes were raised to high heavens, our hearts beating wildly in anticipation of an exceptional administration led by your Royal Majesty, but Alas, our hopes, so far have been dashed!
“Mr. Presido”, I hail sha, some people said you tried a little but I don’t know if they have failed to discover or maybe they are afraid to say what the real truth is. Our dear out-going president sometimes makes promises and fails to fulfill them. I’m sure someone is like “wetin presido do this time ooooo” well, my recent discoveries are:
1. Our congresses are not always in order and each time I recall that the president is always saying, “We promise that there will be a change”, maybe in the next administration…..
2. Excursion! Excursion!! Excursion!!!; My friend has been so anxious and she can’t even wait to visit that lovely water fall and warm spring, but I was so glad she woke up from her dream when our “presido” gave that shocking news “although I was not shocked” that the excursion is cancelled and as far as I can recall, I can remember that he said “the excursion will be a very nice one, it promises to be interesting”….or is someone saying “ but he explained the reason for cancelling it…..reason or no reason……he did not fulfill his promise.
3. Welfare package. Well, I have not gotten any package for exam o. or have you? And he promised us this o.
Now, I seem to remember that in her manifesto, she kept hammering on “Year Book and Magazine”. No one forces anyone to make promises but when you make them you gotta keep ‘em!
Madam V.P, do I even know her? Oh! Yes I do, I got to know her towards the end of the first semester; Is someone saying I am not current, probably just my imagination but I feel that as the V.P, she should try to familiarize herself with her “subjects”.
It is laudable and commendable that Mr & Miss Nassors is back again and for that we appreciate our efforts. But we still eagerly await the year book she promised us.
She promised a suggestion box and she fulfilled it. Kudos to dorcas Abosede for a job well done. But remember dear gen secretary that, the failure of your exco is your failure. Therefore any personal victory is insignificant.
Where is Nassors on Air, Meet your HOD and the other things you promised, Sir. The session is almost over, but we shall still give you the benefit of the doubt and hope to God that you have not deceived us.
How many social activities did you organize in your tenure? I almost forgot, “Freshers welcome” but do you think that is enough? We hope our variety night and dinner will be worth it, this one that you are already aspiring for another political post…
Public Relation Officer! Yes, I’m talking to you; one of your constitutional duties is to serve as an intermediary between the press and the executive council. But can you in all sincerity affirm that you have been doing that? Do you know anything about the press? Do you even care? Questions for your conscience, dear Sir!
If an average Nassorite was asked to grade your performance, have you ever thought of what your grade will be? Or should I do that? Let me save myself of that stress. Honestly, you tried although you used to send messages late, well, you yielded to correction when it was brought to your notice.
I really love the coordination of the football competition and the good job you have done with the football team. Well done, Sir but excuse me, is football the only game we have? You emphasized during your manifesto that we shall have indoor games and other sporting activities apart from football!
I will talk about this two as a singular office. The financial secretary and the Treasurer should be responsible for fund raising to further the good of the association but I do not think submitted any proposals so far. It is appalling that many activities were cancelled because Nassorites could not afford the exhorbitant fees levied on them.
As to this office, we reserve our comments. Lest our concerned probing be taken as a personal affront. Afterall, we did not elect her into office.


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