can-stock-photo_csp13026221Time has no respect at all! No regard for humans, it just creeps up on us, leaving us reeling with the startling realization that we have lost time! First, I have a problem with the fact that there are just 24 hours in a day, I mean within the blink of an eye, one day is all gone! I use to wonder many times how good and pleasant it will be if we had 50 hours in a day; just thinking about it brings unabashed smile to my pretty face.
As a finalist; someone who has spent four solid years in a University, one would have gathered a full truckload of experience. But for someone like me, I have gotten enough wealth of experience to last me a lifetime. Looking back now, I have certain regrets, not many. But they are there all the same like a big giant block looking me in the eye. But I also have many lovely moments. But I can boldly assert now that I’m a better person. Let me take a short trip down memory lane so the less privileged can learn from my many adventures.
The “Me” As a Fresher
Now, when I behold some of my pictures as a freshman, I sometimes burst into tears. I still find it difficult to believe I was so…..well, lame! So unsophisticated and so innocent. I always wondered what happened to that young girl, what changed her or is it who?
As a fresher, fresh out of classroom, I was so eager to impress my parents, at the same time, I wanted to fit into the University community. With ears ringing from the very many words of exhortations from my parents, I was very careful not to look any boy in the eye. The 100level me was very shy, reserved and so very quiet. I’m still stunned at how I metamorphosed into this jolly, extremely outspoken, aggressive and vivacious young lady.
I still remember one incident that occurred in the TV room at Awo hall on my second day in UI. I was just chilling there since there was no other thing to do. Lectures had not started and I had not made any friends. I guess in that area, I have not changed much because I find it hard to make friends when I’m in a new environment. I’ve still not made friends with my current room mate. Well, so I was just watching TV when this tall, dark, muscular guy came in and just walked right up to me. “Hello, lady, please that is my seat, can you find somewhere else to seat?” And I just stood up and left without so much as a word! When I think about that day, I feel like stabbing myself as a punishment for being so stupid.
The current Me would not have left without a fight, in fact, I would not have stood up at all! This is just a tiny part of the many stupid things I did in my first year; another stupid thing was having a relationship in second semester. That is one of the greatest mistakes I have ever made in life. It was not that I was not matured enough, it was just that I met the wrong person at the wrong time.
I felt lost in the big University community, and in search to find myself, in a bid to be relevant somewhere, I joined the press, then NigMUNS, then a fellowship, then the L&D and a host of others.
However, in met a lady in my class in 100level and though she does not know it, she launched me into the society. She is a big part of the reason I am as outspoken and opinionated as I am today. She was just a free-spirited, cheerful and fun-loving person. With her, I attended the entire Freshers’ welcome in UI, all the dinner and other stuffs. Although, now we are not as close as we were before, I would never forget the impact she made in my life. She was like a breath of fresh air, bringing me out of seclusion into the real world.
I never went anywhere without telling my dad. If I wanted to attend a party, I had to tell him. It was as if he jazzed me or something. I just never did anything without his majestic consent. But all that was to change soon.
The ”Me” In Sophomore Year
Because of my diminutive stature, people tended to treat me like a kid. Many guys took me as their school daughter, some as sisters and blab la bla. Sometimes I just wish I could have a bigger stature.
Now, that was cute in 100level but by the time I got to second year, I had had enough! People still thought I was a fresher. Many times, a fresher would just walk up to me to ask me out and I have to repeat “I am not a Fresher” over and over again. Believe me, it was exhausting.
Being in 200 level was cool. I had seen my result and I was one of the privileged few who had good results, therefore, people now looked at me with respect. My dress sense, which was appalling in 100level, improved just a little bit. I now had a little more confidence in myself. I was not in any relationship and I was loving my single state.
However, I had a room who made my life heaven and hell alternately. She could be the sweetest angel and the worst demon. Till this day, I cant define her character, she was just too shifty to capture. We could be best friends today and the worst friends the next day; such was our relationship. But she also made an impact in my life that I cannot forget, ever. She thought me how to fold clothes and arrange my wardrobe! Throughout my first year, my wardrobe was always in chaos, clothes rumpled together in complete disarray. One day she just sat me down and helped me arrange my wardrobe teaching me how to do it. Ever since that day, my wardrobe has always been well arranged. Seems small but I find it highly significant.
200 level was quite interesting actually, the shy me got the most popular girl award in my department and I met the man of my dreams with whom I wish to spend the rest of my life. I also did something which I will always be proud of, for the rest of my life; myself and a couple of other friends, without any fund from anywhere decided to start a beauty pageant in my department. It was a feat that many thought could not be accomplished, but we did it and I was able to prove to myself that I can do anything, anything at all.
The block I resided in then, it was discovered that the block would collapse soon, so they had to move us elsewhere. I was allocated to a small reading room with about 10 other people. It was, to put it mildly, a mad house. I met girls who were not afraid to talk about their sexual escapades openly, I met ladies that didn’t know how to cook or take care of themselves, I met girls who were beautiful outside but had rotten souls.
To the men that are attracted to the physical splendours of a lady, I don’t pity you; afterall, people like you deserve the worst.
The “Me” in my Penultimate year
I could write a book on my 300 level experiences, in fact I could start a series on it. People still called me a fresher which, to say the least, was trifling. I still remained small and petite. But by then, I had become much matured and I could look back on my 100 level days and laugh at myself. I had a serious relationship with an amazing guy and things were just jolly.
But it was not completely a bed of roses; I didn’t get a room on campus so I had to live off campus with a classmate whom I barely knew. Together, we went through a lot of terrible things I do not care to recount. I was editor-in-chief of my press, treasurer of my fellowship, General Secretary in my youth church, and in a lot of committees. so to put it mildly, I was extremely busy and my academics took a deadly blow that I am still recovering from.
I made a lot of enemies and only a few friends, i made decisions I’m not proud of and I made mistakes I’m still paying from. But I can still say with all definiteness that my life then was not wasted. I did most of the things I wanted to do and I do not have too many regrets.
The Finalist “Me”
Being in final year, I have met even more terrible people. I have also met a lot of wonderful ones. I have met people who think the sun should shine only upon them; I have met people who have made me consider murder, I have met people who are neither hot nor cold, just lukewarm. On the other hand, I have met those that have inspired me, made me strive to be better, encouraged me and most of all, people who have made me laugh.
I am an emotional person, but I know how to keep those emotions tightly locked within me. But in my final year; I have cried uncontrollable, heartrending tears, I have laughed like I’ve never laughed before and I have even felt like committing suicide.
In conclusion, let me state that right now, I am not the best I can be yet, but I do not have the patience for people who think arrogance is a virtue. I have lost the penchant for people who are neither friends nor enemies but just come in and go out of your life when they feel like it. Right now, I only have time for true friends who are ready to accept me and my flaws without inhibitions, friends who won’t play with my emotions but who actually care. I thank the guy in heaven who has given me such friends.
Suffice it to say, “I came, I saw and I’m about to conquer”.


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