The students union week is over and I could join the band wagon and give an analytical review of the whole event, but since I really don’t like making an habit of stepping on toes (tongue in cheek) I decided to stick to my guns and write on what I like to think I know – people .

However, I might not have had the time or the energy to participate in the just concluded student union week, but I attended the finale of the jaw wars and I must say that I was wowed. Jeez, these guys are brilliant, especially with the guys from Bello hall and faculty of arts. They got several rounds of applause from me and trust me I do not joke with my “applaud”. Anyway, straight to the matter at hand.

It’s been going on for a while, probably before I was born, but that doesn’t make it any good. It’s the idea of kissing and telling. In my opinion, it is a classic self esteem problem that arises usually from a guy’s need to feel macho by bragging about his sexual exploits. I often wonder why there is no jail time for kissing and telling. I remember vividly when Obafemi Awolowo Hall was a mixed hall (oh, the good old days). If there’s any set of guys that should be punished for bragging about their sexual exploits than Awo guys. Gosh, these guys will sit down together and be


analysing how the whole event went down , guy calm down, no one is interested in knowing how it all went down , ( well except you are a celebrity, In which case even I am interested ) . I equally know for a fact that ladies don’t usually do it because no girl wants to be labelled as a slut (but then, I stand to be corrected)

However , when next you want to tell your buddies how much she liked it or how bad she was in the game of bodies, remember these few things;

You are classless…

( I’m sorry but the truth needs be told) it’s a well known fact that 80% of guys will chase anything in skirts ( data evaluation conducted by moi ) and then you start to tell everyone that you have gotten the cookie, then I wonder what you stand to gain, a plaque , a standing ovation, a round of applause , a crown , a roll of honors award or a presidential handshake. The fact is that you are depending on other people to make you feel good about yourself. Frankly, this fake sense of achievement only comes from guys that have no other thing worthy to feel a sense of accomplishment. What’s that saying about empty barrels?…..

Now don’t get me wrong, everyone has confidantes and close friends to whom private matters are told, however there’s a big difference between telling your best friend or confidante and telling your whole league of friends or even making it your BBM status, unless there’s a murder investigation involved , no one needs to know the details.

Think of your sister, daughters or your wife/ it’s selfish. This world would be a better place to live in if everyone thought of how their actions affect other people. Information, when in the wrong hands, can affect lives, careers and even families. You might think it’s an innocent thingy


to just give your friends a few details of your sexual exploits, but trust me, you don t know the extent of havoc you are wrecking to someone’s lives. Y’ all might not know it but women value privacy and discretion. do you think she wants everyone to about her intimate moments , because if she wanted everyone to know, then she’ll make it her project topic and trust me , ladies have more tales to tell than guys and news flash mister, you would get more chances if ladies knew that you weren’t gonna announce your conquests.

It dangerous, yeah you heard me it is not only a betrayal of confidence and not only have you lost whatever iota of respect you might have had by the lady, but you have also exposed the female lady I your tales to gender . What happens when some set of guts decide to get a piece of the cake. You have not only stripped her of respect, you have exposed her to possible danger. I don’t like admitting it but men are actually stronger than ladies, therefore remember the danger you might exposing her to before you start the story.

Now, I am not an advocate for sex before, marriage and I believe that there s a fall aback effect, but then again kissing and telling doesn’t, make you a man, respecting a lady and keeping your stuff private is what defines you as a man.

Until next week, have a great week, ciao.




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