They Cool fm 20141025_212055call him COOl FM, he calls himself “neme6xis”, some people don’t even know his real name. but of course, among the many peculiar things about this great guy is that, he is one of UI’s finest, an upcoming talented singer. Watch out for this guy, people; he is a bomb waiting to explode. Nassors press in this interview with him convinces him to open his mind to Nassorites, Enjoy!

RESPO: Let’s meet you please:

Cool fm: Yeah, I’m Ogunsakin Oluwafemi, neme6xis. 400level.religious studies UI. I hail from Owo LGA, ondo state. I was Born on the 24th march, 1990

RESPO: What are the Posts you have held in UI so far?

Cool fm: Post held? I don’t fancy responsibilities. It’s boring

RESPO: Tell us a little about your educational background

Cool fm: I had my Primary Education at Solid foundation nursery and primary School, Akure. Then went on to Oyemekun grammer school in Akure,ondo state for my secondary school.

RESPO: Tell us about your family, femi

Cool fm: I’m the 3rd child of five children of four guys and a girl, ohhh, I love her

RESPO: What would you describe as Saddest moment.

Cool Fm: I don’t have. I just live my life around regrets.

RESPO: Any regrets so far?

Cool fm: Ok…the fact that i didn’t get the chance to properly meet all of you. I mean all of us. Especially myself. Though I’m not sad about it. It’s just painful.

RESPO: What’s your Favourite departmental Course….

Cool Fm: virtually all the courses

RESPO: What is your Best Colour/food….

Cool Fm: I love purplePurple/ beans, you must put ‘sk’ inside o. Lol

RESPO: Who would you call Your Favourite Lecturer?

Cool Fm: Tolu mala. Even though the feeling is not mutual

RESPO: Favourite Nassorite.

Cool Fm:Femi Alamu and tobi adeleye.(awon goons mi)

RESPO: What outfit wouldn’t you be caught dead wearing?

Cool Fm: a shirt with the inscription ‘my money grows like grass’ I hate that sh*t

RESPO: Your Relationship status:

Cool Fm: (grins) what do you expect?

If you were forced to date someone in the department, who would it be?

Cool Fm: my choice is way out of planet earth. So the choice is easy. Reved. Sista. Oluchi

RESPO: Describe yourself in one sentence.

Active and restless

RESPO: Tell us about your happiest moment

Cool Fm: First stage performance. Though I was booed, it was epic

Your Advice to Nassorites……

“Nothing lasts forever. Make the best of it” neme6xis













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