African+Woman+with+ChildThere is a God in heaven who reigns supreme;

And there is a goddess on earth by whom I’m amazed.

They say she’s human, but I say she’s divine

She hath no crown, she hath no throne,

She is perfect even in her imperfectness

If I had the means, I would build a thousand Castles for you;

Each one for all the sleepless nights you have had because of me

Each one for the times you’ve gone hungry so I can eat

Each one for all the tears you shed for me

But even the thousand Castles are not enough.

How can I repay you for all you’ve given me?

Or the things you are still doing?

Or the ones you will still do?

I cannot promise never to make you cry again, DearMother

I cannot promise to be always good

But one thing I promise you, Mum

One day, I’ll make you proud.


For My Loving Mother, on her birthday. And to

every mother who has suffered for her child.

Adeleye Ibukunoluwa


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