JOKESA priest, a garbage collector and a lawyer wound up at the Heavens, gate.

St. Peter informed them that in order to get into Heaven, they would each have to answer a question. He decided to ask them questions according to the gravity of their professions on earth.

St. Peter addressed the priest and asked, “What is the name of the ship that crashed into the iceberg? A movie was made about it”.

The priest answered quickly, “That would be the Titanic.”  St. Peter let him through the gate.

He turned to the garbage man and asked, “How many people died on the ship?”

Fortunately for him, the garbage man had just seen the movie, and answered, “ 1,228 people”

“That’s right, you may enter”, said St. Peter.

He then turned to the Lawyer and said “Name them”.

GIRL: Can I ask you a question?

BOY: Go ahead

GIRL: What are we?

BOY: A chosen generation called forth to show His excellence.

WIFE: I saw in my dreams that you were buying me a diamond ring.

HUSBAND: I also saw that your dad was paying for it.

Q: Why did the picture go to jail?

A: Because it was framed.

Q: What do you call an Elephant that doesn’t matter?

A: Irrelevant


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