She’s beautiful, smart and fashionable. Everyone knows her as “over there”. Over here, RESPO decided to have a chat with one of NASSORS finest and delve a little into her fashion life. Please prepare to be wow-ed.

RESPO: Let’s meet you please:

Rachel: I’m Giwa Rachael Taiwo. Born on the 15th of July

RESPO: What are the Posts you have held in UI so far?45-DSC_5516

Electoral committee 2013/2014 and moral support to Excos

RESPO: Tell us a little about your educational background

I attended Lizzy land Intl Nursery & primary School, Akure and proceeded to Government Girls College, Akure. And now I’m in the University of Ibadan.

RESPO: Tell us about your family, Rachael:

I’m from a family of 7, consisting of my parents and 5 siblings. I and my twin brother are the last born.

RESPO: What would you miss most about the department

The dinner.

RESPO: Four years with your classmates, how has it been??

Really? (sighs) it has been Ok!

RESPO: What’s your Favourite departmental Course….

All the courses I had 7 points are my fabourite courses (smiles)

RESPO: What’s your relationship status?

Single not searching for now. My life is too busy for that.

RESPO: Who would you call Your Favourite Lecturer?

I don’t have any favourite. I love all my lecturers

RESPO: Likes and dislikes

I like honesty, fair judgement and respect and I dislike being rude, lies and pretense.

RESPO: Some people believe that you are proud, what’s your say on that?

Well, it depends on their definition of pride. I believe before one can be proud he/she must have something to show for it. What do I have yet that would make me look down on people? I think its their mind set and probably inferiority complex on their own part. Im not there yet, still looking up to God.

RESPO: As one of the Fashonistas in this department and also academically sound, how do you juggle the two?

In the Univeristy one should be versatile, that is, know a bit of everything good. A bit of sports, religion, politics and many more. One should not just be in the book Island because all these things add up to make one a better person in the future. So, my fashion style does not cross the path of academics because they both have their separate space and time.

RESPO: Your philosophy of life

The greatest hindrance to life is the memory of past failures.

If you were forced to date someone in the department, who would it be?

None! I have never had that thought before. Olorun, mi o paro. (laughs)

RESPO: What are your plans after UI?

Lots of plans. Man proposes, none disposes

RESPO: Tell us about your most memorable moment

My admission to UI after the long wait.

Your Advice to Nassorites……

Think big in anything you do, because what you think you see and what you see you achieve. Therefore think big about everything in life.





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