Sport has its own spectacular way of bringing people of different tribes, culture, religion, character, behavior and background together. Its role in producing a healthy niche of different kinds of people, coming together in strong accord cannot be overestimated. Down to the University of Ibadan, with the just concluded Inter hall sport competition, various sporting events have in a lot of ways shown that sport as a sector is an important tool in the creation of a strong and cordial environment, suitable for students of different social classes and interests. Even in our own cherished department, football in particular, has played a major role in shaping a healthy relationship among the prestigious students of the department, a possibility we could never have foretold. The football match and training session which was organized among the five hundred level students of the department was a joy to behold. Initially, it was as if the event was not going to be a success, organizing a prestigious form of a get together that would involve everyone including the two ladies in the class, a distinctive way of bringing the five hundred level class together, however, in a more athletic and energetic manner. A lot of good moments that were shared on that day, the goal bound shot that was blocked by Tosin Ajaja, mesmerizing dribbling skills displayed by Taiwo Dada, a tuned up display from Alex, wonderful reflexes shown by Cruz and an astonishing display of teamwork and commitment from both teams. The high point of the game, the deserved equalizer scored by Femi Azeez, the nerd of the class, the jubilation that followed it and that warm hug from Okey Imaga, the model of our time, no one would have expected that scenario, but football had just cracked a hard nut, what in this world would have caused a deserving show of such affection between a nerd and a model, the perfect demonstration of sportsmanship. How about the friendly match between the Mechanical Engineering team and the team from the department of Botany, which ended two goals to nil in favour of our own dear team. A perfect blend of diverse footballers represented in each level of the department. Football has played its own unique way of healing our fleshy wounds, a wonderful model of how sports


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