IMG_20140929_201841Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it!
George Santayana
Looking down the dirty, crumbling lanes of memory; those that are not freshers in this department would realize the fact that history is about to repeat itself. Perhaps, we need to refresh our memories a bit.

Last year, the excursion was scrapped, much to the disappointment of everyone. Why was it scrapped? The freshers may ask. Well, it was scrapped because Nassorites did not pay for the excursion. Now, that sounds simple, doesn’t it? But really, it’s not as simple as that!

At the congress before the last one, it was decided that the Exco should make findings on the excursion, come back to the congress to give a report and then we decide how much to pay. But alas, our Exco came back with the total amount as #3, 500 without consulting the house. To be fair, #3, 500 is not too much for the places we intend to visit, but, the fact remains that, asking us to bring that kind of money at this point is like asking a fully grown person to go and inscribe tribal marks on his buttocks!

The back bone of every administration is funds! Without money, every plan and program will die a natural death. The questions burning through our minds are; How have these exco sourced for funds? What are the measures they’ve taken to ensure Nassorites don’t have to pay such eye-boggling amounts? Have they even tried looking for sponsors? Or are they relying on unsuspecting Nassorites to fulfill their every need?

The way things are going, it is obvious to the wise that, history is gradually repeating itself. And it seems the Exco have forgotten that learning from past mistakes is the key to a successful administration.
RESPO has the interest of this great department at heart and it is because of this that we urge Nassorites who have the capacity to pay to please do so. After all, it is our department. We shall however take a front row seat, glue our eyes unwaveringly to the screen and watch as the story unfolds.

RESpO wishes greatest Nassorites a fruitful week ahead.


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