_51606573_fa1d16c0-9c6c-4f82-b0b8-ab66ddd94f78I Fear I might not be able to go on without you,
You left me at a time I needed you most,
I knew one day I would have to let you go
But not like this,
Dost thinketh thou that you cannot be replaced?
I’ll get someone else
Maybe better, maybe worse
But I’ll get someone else
Its hard, almost unbearable
But I know I’ll get over your loss,
Or will i? right now, in know not
The pain I feel is excruciating,
I know you blame me for losing you,
I blame myself too,
For I have lost a part of me,
I have lost my love, my friend,
My companion both day and night,
My friend in boredom,
Through thick and thin

I have lost my Techno L3
Goodbye my friend.



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