No be news again say three friends dey pursue the same one political national moimoi. We hope say d tin no go burst their belle.
Chai!!! Dariz god oooooo. Passing final decision of excursion bill without a congress…..hmmmm I hope say e never final finally. We no sabi where we dey go, u come talk say make we pay; if we finish paying and you take us to zoo nko?
First semester don go, no nassors on air, no suggestion box, no welfare package above all dem still dey talk say no funds…..hmmmm…..where dey find the funds go sef?
On top madam VP…….we here say na YES SIR for anything wey her Oga decide. Anyway dat one no concern us na the year book wey she promise us for her manifesto we dey wait for….
Our professor daddy Ayantayo we hail you for here but however sha we sabi say una throway party, we students still dey expect our own sha….. eku ori re o!
Na him some people come meet me say dey share pen for some people as welfare package for focors and for some inner caucus na tomatoe paste plus rice dey give dem ontop say na even non focors member dey distribute the tin. Chai! Na so dey take dey offend members for church…..partiality for God house no good ooo….the guy para no be small…
All of una wey no dey greet before wey don come start to dey almost postrate to greet….. hmmmmmm….. dem talk say make I tell una say OYO IS YOUR CASE!
Dis one na serious matter o…I hear say some of our final senior students don already contract der project work to outsiders….hmmmmm…..after four years dem no still fit write project by themselves….omo dis one na wasted bs.c……wey I think say dey rigid d
Some People no go fit talk true matter again because dey get friends for the exco body…..
We hear say our former assistant general secretary don born pikin o. so dat protruding belle dat time na belle true true for una wey no sabi…. Legal or illegal e no concern us all na say she don be mummy….. we are happy for her ooooooo
Ontop relationship matter na catch dem young na him ogapresidodey do. Bikodem talk say make you allow the babe get CGPA first and say her mama must not hear oooooooo
We hear say our oga veto power no dey dull for dat him room for Zik where him dey veto some chicks…..d person talk say him no catch am right handed but na for motion him meet dem…..weda true or not we know sabi ooooooo….no be us talk am ooona hear we hear am o…..
We hope say all dis 200level students go surprise us for dis level oooooooo because dis one weydey talk say na OLODO una be…..anyway FOCORS don pray for una. The chain is broken in Jesus name
Some unserious 400levels students at dis level still neva submit course form…..chai! this one naunseriousness of the highest order and extra year no be beans.

Disclaimer: These are not proven fact but rumours and gossips. Nassors press will not be held responsible for any misinterpretations by readers.



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