Still, we love Awo!


Our Love for Awo Hall is unconditional;crying-lady
for how else can we explain this deep affection
we feel for our hall,
We are left in darkness for endless nights and days;
But still, we Love Awo
Mellambites and tedderites visit us not, saying,
“its too far”
But we love Awo, still
Bellites and kutites don’t come too, saying,
“they are too rugged and unrefined”,
but we still love Awo
we have become yam legged, because of the long stairs we climb,
But indeed we love Awo
We are forced to take our baths with pure water
because, of course, there’s no water;
But yet, we love Awo,
People call us UI school2 students because we
have been shoved to the outskirt of the school;
Still, we love Awo
We wait in the sun for hours waiting for buses
and cabs and we end up going late for
But of course we love Awo;
We are large in number but we can’t protest,
because we are handicapped?
We love Awo
Even our regular visitors, katangites and zikites
have deserted us, they now prefer idiates, and
unbelievably Queens!
But oh, we love Awo
But have we not reached our limits?
Have we not suffered enough?
our motto says, “struggle and progress”
we struggle, everyday, but are we progressing?
This is the cry of an Helpless Awoite

By Adeleye Ibukun



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