Good morning, Mr Speaker. My name is ALAWODE, Ibrahim  O, a member of Agropress and I am here to interview you to know what this Legislative council has done so far. Can I meet you? My name is Okuneye Titilayo, I hail from Ogun State, Ijebu North Local Government. I am from a family of seven. I am second born and 500 level student, department of Animal Science and the speaker of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. Can I know the post you have held so far even before your admission TO UI? I was the social director, National Association of Ogun State Students, Moor Plantation, while having my HND at the federal College of Animal Health and Production, Moor Plantation I represented my class at the level of legislative arm of the Students’ Union. I started representing my class at legislative arm of the Nigerian Association of Agricultural Students (NAAS), University of Ibadan in 300 level and I contested for the post of the speaker in 400 level. I have been a member of several committees and I am presently the chairman, capacity building committee for my department. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, how has been the journey of being a speaker so far? Well it has not been easy, no good thing comes easily. All the same we thank God for what we are able to achieve so far. Most of the SLC sitting falls during the break time of 1-2pm except emergency which we try not to let it affect our classes. It is all about Time Manangement. Please compare the last two administrations with the current administration Our administration is yet to draw the curtain to a close and we still have many more things to do. It is not like I am trying to condemn the past administration but they did not hand-over very quickly because the account of stewardship that was not easily sort out. So far in this administration, the NAAS packages have been distributed since first semester. We have also ensured that the letter-headed paper of NAAS not only the legislative arm but that of the executive council not to carry anybody’s name because if the executive should put their name on the letter-headed paper after leaving the office, the remaining becomes a waste. So this Administration has done letter-headed paper, plenty enough that it will be useful for the next administration. The first and second sitting of the council that I observed this session, I thought you said the Executive Council should hold on with the production of bag as one of the items of the NAAS Package and many NAASITES are complaining about the quality what do you have to say? Thank you, this is one of the things that do cause Cat and Rat friendship between the executive and the legislative. We told them to show us a sample of the bag they wanted to produce, they did and we made some corrections and told them to bring another sample when the production started before mass production which they failed to do, we only saw that the bag after it had been produced in mass. Even the book that was distributed, we did not have a glance at the book until it was distributed and we complained bitterly about the printing, though the cover is nice but the inner is not too good. Infact we delayed the distribution because the book and the bag were ready as at 6th week. We told the executive council to write a public apology letter to all naasite and also to the legislative which we have received. About 90 percent of NAASites do not Know who the Dean, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Professor E.A Iyayi. What are the efforts of the council in bringing him closer? One thing I believe is that you don’t know people until you get closer to them. Just like lecturers in my department (Animal Science) do say if you offend Professor Iyayi who will beg him, this is because he is very gentle and principled. We have had a lot of series of meeting with him and most of our own projects are exactly his point of agenda which he is willing to achieve as the dean. For example the sit-out which forestry already had one was planned for and we have met Milo to sponsor another which they have agreed and they have come around to inspect the faculty to see a suitable place where it can be placed whereas the dean is also planning on another sit-out. I am so sure you have received lectures in the Large Lecture Theatre once and you know the state, what is NAAS doing about the rehabilitation? Well, we have met the dean and he has assured us that something will surely be done about it. but I can remember that during Professor Aiyelari’s administration as the dean, Faculty of Agriculture and forestry  the lecture theatre was rehabilitated may be, the materials used were substantial that is why most of them have spoilt again. The dean promised us something will be done but he does want the rehabilitation to disturb the lectures that is why nothing has been done yet. The bulb fixed at the sides of the hall were done by NAAS because the dean told us that the things we can do was just to do a temporary fixing to illuminate the LLT. What would you like to tell NAASITES? I would like to tell NAASites to observe the SLC sitting for them to know what is actually happening in the faculty. Presently we now announce our sitting to everyone and we even allow observers to contribute to some matters arising. I would also implore them to get close to their representatives, tell them what the problem is and make sure you ask for feedback form them. Thank you You are welcome.


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