It still seems like yesterday when they all came with Cherubic faces and enchanting words, promising heaven on earth and castles in the air. And again, we believed them, like before, even though we’ve had our hearts trampled upon a thousand times over! It’s not our fault though, we have no other choice but to believe; because it is in believing that we have the strength to fantasize and pretend that they are indeed what they say they are.

For us, seeing is not believing; but believing is seeing. When we believe, we see, notIMG_20141014_140733 in reality but we see these castles in the air, the heaven on earth, we see them all in our dreams. Yes, dreams! This is the only place where we find fulfillment, but the moment we open our eyes, we are back in the world of lies and deceit made more unbearable by the blatant lies of these politicians!

There were too many of them that we even got confused, too many promises that we lost track of who said what; so many jingles that our ears rang with the sometimes unmelodious sounds. They had no new lies, they told the same ones we have heard over the years, with only few modifications. We have heard them so many times that we are starting to believe them.
All we could chant was, “may the best man win”. Indeed, someone won, but wait, is he the best man?

Time will tell. all we can do now is take a seat, keep our eyes wide open and wait……….
Months have passed now, and we are still waiting, albeit impatiently, for what we all know will not happen….but what other choice do we have?

Our faiths will not waver, we shall continue to trust even at the risk of our own peril, we shall wait patiently, silently watching and all the while praring that these ones, at least, shall be true to their words because we do not think our fragile hearts can bear yet another blow.
They say that what does not kill you will only make you stronger, but the truth is, “what does not kill you could maim you for life”, and that is why we hope with every fiber of our being that we have not been deceived…..again!

Respo wishes all our readers a splendid week ahead!


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